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New Music: Ayo Awosika – You are the One



Rising Nigerian-American star Ayo Awosika has dropped a new single “You are the One”.

She premiered the song on ESSENCE, where she also shared Nigeria’s current moment in pop culture and how Nigeria inspires her art.

Born to a Nigerian father and American mother, I always felt connected to Nigeria through the music and artwork my father brought back to our suburban Virginia home; I loved the distinctly African foods we ate, and was completely familiar with the sound and inflection of my father speaking Yoruba, our native language. But having never gone there after the age of 1, I started to realize as a curious and adventurous young adult, that there was something missing in my life – an unknown. I made the visit with my father to Nigeria in 2014 and realized THAT was the missing piece in my life; the experience and knowing of that land. ‘You’re The One I Love’ is a love song to Nigeria – you’ll even hear me singing in Yoruba in the chorus: its my declaration and expression of the love I found there.” – Ayo Awosika.

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