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Baby fever! Keep your baby Comfortable & Playful with the All-New Pears Range




 Pears range

A Nigerian mum, an Instagram Slay Queen, and a writer walk into a bar

The subject of their talk: ‘babies’.

And they aren’t the only ones. Doctors, investment bankers, and make-up artists alike love babies and are talking about them. Everyone loves babies.

Their angelic faces and supple cheeks. Their precise necks with those tiny ringlets around them. We are talking about silky smooth skin and the smell of mineral oil that assure you that there is so much good in the world still.

It’s all about babies.

That’s why since 1971, Pears has maintained a range of products that keep those tiny cute baby smiles in place.

Pears baby range contains olive oil, a natural ingredient that is known to be a mild skin cleanser combined with carefully-selected pure, mild and gentle ingredients suitable for baby’s tender skin.

The alluring fragrance of Pears gives it a unique accent that no other baby care product can boast of.

From the Pears Baby Oil, to the Pears Baby Lotion, the Pears Baby Powder, Pears Baby Jelly and the Pears Moisturizing Cream, every ingredient is combined to keep babies fresh and healthy.

In over 46 years, our promise of a rash-free, gently-fragranced, comfortable and playful baby hasn’t changed. We have continued to innovate and improve — which is why Pears products now come in brand new look.

(Pears Baby Lotion, Pears Baby Oil, Pears Baby Powder, Pears Baby Jelly, Pears Moisturizing Cream)

Look out for the brand new Pears range in your neighborhood stores and join thousands of Nigerian mothers who trust Pears.

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  1. Random

    November 2, 2017 at 3:36 pm

    I really love Pears. I’ve been using it for ages even after leaving the country. I think it’s the beautiful divine fragrance that keeps me loyal to their brand…love the cream and lotion.

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