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Make significant Savings for an Extra Christmas present & Save Time when sending Money to Nigeria – Use WorldRemit




WorldRemit research reveals that thousands of Nigerians are missing out on Christmas presents and time with loved ones this Christmas.

If more people simply switched to lower cost online channels like WorldRemit, they could make significant savings. Savings they could spend on an extra Christmas present home this year. The high costs of sending money home means the Nigerian diaspora are losing out on saving up to seven percent when sending money home.

The savings were highest when sending from Australia to Nigeria at $14.3 enough to buy a board game, but even a saving of $1 could get you a candy bar this year.

Traditional money transfer services mean both senders and recipients need to take time off to travel to an agent to either pay in or collect money – time that could be spent with family and friends this Christmas.

Saving the cost of public transport in Australia to pay in money just a couple of times a month could be enough to buy a board game or a box of chocolates for family and friends back in Nigeria. With most people sending around three times a month, the the savings across the month of December could be even greater.

In short, sending money frequently, without having to pay high costs or waste time, brings families and friends closer together, even when living hundreds of miles apart. So we hope that we can give people the precious gift of more time with family and friends this Christmas – and perhaps a few extra presents under the tree.

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  1. Aarefarmland

    December 21, 2017 at 8:00 pm

    I am guessing the research also mentioned that ppl are ready to blow their savings to indulge themselves, which is quite plausible but a wrong way to save money.

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