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10 Career Endeavours to Consider… If You Haven’t Already



We grow up believing that we need to go to school to get jobs. We believe that these jobs will give us the required earning power to sustain ourselves in life. Even more, our parents highlighted certain kinds of professions or jobs we needed to aim for if we wanted to be successful and thrive. Our minds are now wired such that when we think about being successful, we imagine becoming a doctor or lawyer, or hitting it big in the tech industry as engineers.

While this may be true to a certain extent, getting a university degree or studying “big courses” may not always be your saving grace. These days, getting a blue-collar job may not be that easy to find. Unemployment is still on the high side, and many people have left civil service altogether.

Luckily, there are many other well-paying jobs for people who are willing to think outside the box. These jobs are the kind that favour experience and hard work rather than degrees, and they can be high-paying as well.

Farm worker
Farming may not seem too fabulous as an occupation, but it is big business. Basically, it involves cultivating and fertilizing fields, planting and harvesting crops, and operating farm machinery. The good thing is that you can always start small, and you do not need to have some fancy degree in Agriculture.
You do, however, need to be able to learn on the job; and if possible, work with a skilled hand before you start your own business. Thus you familiarize yourself with the necessary processes and procedures.

While there are certain setbacks to this occupation, including long hours, unpleasant weather conditions and the fact that it is seasonal, it can be lucrative.

Fast Food and Short Order Cook
To succeed in this job, you do not have to be a professional chef and attend any fancy culinary school in France. Your job is to prepare meals for patrons of fast food establishments, diners, and other non-premium eateries. All you need is the recipe and required ingredients. You can either work for a company or have your own set-up.

With time, you can even come up with your own special meals and attract even bigger patronage. It may not be the first job that comes to mind, but you can flourish in it as well.

Personal Care and Home Health Aides
These are jobs that require taking care of sick people or the elderly. The idea is that such aides will need to have a nursing degree or other medical training, but some aide positions only require a secondary school certificate. You basically need to know the history and needs of the person or people you have been assigned to and ensure you meet them. You may also be required to have knowledge of record keeping as you may need to document the progress of your ward. While this may seem like a very ordinary job, you can make a living from it.

Taxi Driver
The idea of being a taxi driver may have been a little disconcerting to fresh graduates in the past, as it seemed lowly, but not anymore. Thanks to huge companies like UBER, TAXI, etc., taxi driving has become quite organized and lucrative, such that some of these taxi drivers even earn more than some bankers per month.
To be able to take on this job, you only need a driver’s license and a car, as well as good driving skills. You can acquire all of these and get into the business in less than a year, if you are determined.

Real Estate Agent
This involves being an intermediary between sellers and renters or buyers of real estate. They assist renters or buyers through the financial and legal aspects of the process.  To take on this job, you basically just need a thorough knowledge of the market in their community and the skill to hunt for properties.
Usually, a good knowledge of the local area is an advantage. A great thing about this job, aside from the fact that you could make so much in just one transaction, is that you have the freedom to determine your own schedule.

Travel Agents
Nigerians love to travel, and either because of a tight schedule or lack of understanding of the travel process, they need a travel agent to assist them with all their plans. Becoming a travel agent simply requires a short training on how the traveling process, both domestic and international, works. These include package deals, visa processing, Flight booking etc.
You do not need a college degree. At most, you need a secondary school certificate. You can earn a lot as well, depending on the reputation you have built for yourself.

Construction Manager
No matter how bad the economy, houses, and building will always be constructed, as shelter is a core human need. The job of the construction manager does not necessarily require hands-on construction; it entails managing the shifts and schedules of the crew, taking responsibility for ensuring that projects are completed on time and on budget, and managing the day-to-day project site for efficiency and safety. You do not necessarily have to study architecture to get this job; and while some companies require bachelor’s degrees, it’s on-the-job experience that matters most.

Welder and Iron worker
This is a trade that is becoming short in supply in the country. When working in cities, these roles can earn you quite a lot. All you need to succeed are skills to cut and shape metal and you can gain those skills training on the job. It is a challenging and somewhat dangerous work, but it pays OK for a job that does not require a university degree.

Traffic Controller
Stand on the road and direct cars on the road? It may not seem glamorous, but it’s hugely important work can be well paying, especially if you include the bonuses and tips given by people on the road who appreciate the hard work.

Most traffic controllers in Nigeria work with Government institutions, but certain estates are starting to have private traffic controllers who are paid to maintain a safe and orderly flow of traffic within the estate. While a university degree is not required, they are mostly required to complete a training through a road transportation-related program. The basic skill required is the ability to remain articulate in order to give directions clearly. They also need to have an excellent memory, decisiveness, and concentration.

Service Technician
Mechanics, Generator/fridge repairer, electrician, you can group these jobs under here. They are some of most in-demand jobs right now as most people tend to shy away from it on the guise that it is low-class.  With these jobs though, the real money comes when you add in some business and marketing skills and open your own shop. As technical as they may seem, you do not need to have a university degree to even have these jobs. Most learn the required skills via apprenticeship.

One important thing that is common for all of the above listed is hard work, dedication, and consistency. If you choose to explore any of these options, remember that you cannot afford to be lazy… if you want to be successful. Remain dogged in your pursuit, train and acquire all the information you can get about the craft. Use the Internet… resources are available at your fingertips. Look for experienced professionals in that field, and go under their tutelage.

Best of luck!

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