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Day One Friends & a Song from Toni Braxton… Here’s how Rihanna Celebrated her 30th Birthday ?



Rihanna‘s 30th birthday was yesterday, 20th of February, and the music star celebrated in style with her friends in New York.

For an intimate event, Rihanna hung out with some of her day one friends and she also got to meet one of her favorite people in the world – Toni Braxton.

According to reports from,

RiRi celebrated her milestone birthday at the luxuriant Landmark Rooms with stars including Paris Hilton and Leonardo DiCaprio, who snuck into the party later. Also, there was Rihanna’s billionaire Saudi boyfriend, Hassan Jameel, whom sources say she looked “very close with” all night.

Rihanna’s group shared a four-course meal at The Grill, before moving to the landmarked Pool space for the afterparty, where Braxton performed.

Rihanna posted a few photos from the fun night on the ‘gram.

She captioned one of the photos, “sturdiest night of all !!! surrounded by the people I love the most !!! 30 is already my favorite era.”.

For the event Rihanna was gorgeous and her usual stylish self in a purple statement top from Saint Laurent’s Spring/Summer 2018 collection.

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  1. Callista

    February 21, 2018 at 11:12 pm

    Can I just talk about how proud I am of this young lady?
    She has grown and evolved so much! She went from being a scrawny teenager with an annoying whiny voice and a big forehead to being a wild child to becoming a beautiful, independent, trail blazing icon!
    She inspires me for so many reasons! She suffered horrific abuse but instead of let it break her, Riri refused to be a victim! Instead, she rose above and and even got bigger.
    Everything Rihanna does sets the tone. She got a Mohawk, everybody got a Mohawk. She got red hair, everyone wanted red hair. She wore a crop top, the crop top was cool again.
    Manolo Blahnik has Rihanna to thank for the popularity of the ‘Chaos’ sandals. Dior and Chopard are all falling over themselves to collaborate with her.
    She just did a major deal for LVMH for Fenty Beauty.
    She just convinced presidents to donate $3 billion to education.
    Her growth is truly beautiful and she’s proof that if you stay true to yourself no matter what, live life on your own terms and disregard what naysayers say, the world will adapt to you.
    I know she gets a bad rap and all for being wild, but to me, Rihanna is a far, faaaaar better role model than all the pure ‘good girls’ awon Taylor and co.

    • King Bae

      February 22, 2018 at 6:58 pm

      I love her too. She’s amazing!!!

  2. Enny Heart Heart

    February 22, 2018 at 9:34 am

    Love how she’s still friends with the people from way back before the money and fame.

  3. Ec

    February 22, 2018 at 12:32 pm

    Toni!!!!!! Living legend, I have know her since I was 10. But now we look the same age ?. I don’t understand

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