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A 5-Star Romantic Dinner & Weekend Hangout! Honeywell Flour Mills treats Couples to All-Expense Paid Getaway



Every couple deserves a getaway time when they can unwind and ease off on the stress of work and daily activities. Many people ignore the importance of a vacation and how spending time with the people you love help you bond better. 
A weekend getaway can provide the excitement, adventure, and vigor a relationship needs. There is no better way to spend that lovely weekend than in a luxury hotel like the Radisson Blu Anchorage, Victoria Island, Lagos all-expense paid by Honeywell Flour Mills Plc.

The weekend getaway was part of a Valentine campaign that focused on helping couples create memories that last beyond February 14th. “At Honeywell, we believe the best memories are shared with the most amazing people and every single moment should be spent making those memories.” Media and Communications Manager – Nnenna M. Uche-Onyenacho speaking during the reception of the winners at Honeywell Flour Mills, Ikeja.

One of the winners, Mercy Inem, who was flown all the way from Abuja was excited to be part of the experience, emphasizing how the getaway was something she had never experienced and sharing the remarkable moments with her husband was the most exciting part of the weekend getaway.

The weekend experience kicked off with the couples meeting with Honeywell executives at their office in Ikeja. The meet up was a perfect opportunity for Salome Anyasodo, to share the masterpieces she makes with Honeywell products. Some of the highlights of the weekend included a 5-star romantic dinner at the Radisson Blu, a weekend hangout at hotspots across Lagos, a guided VIP tour of the Honeywell Flour Mills Factory, Apapa amongst many other activities.

“We are extremely joyed to be able to put smiles on the faces of these couples. This is why we are in business. And the truth is, they deserve it.” – Olanrewaju Jaiyeola, MD Honeywell Flour MiIls Plc. It is not just about us, it’s a lot more about our customers because if life were a movie, being in love is the most interesting part. #ItAllMatters

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