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Alizee’s Management releases Official Statement concerning her Death



Petra Entertainment, the management of Singer Alizee, real name Ali Zainab Nielsen, who was allegedly murdered by her husband, Peter Nielsen along with their 4 Yeard-old daughter, have released an official statement asking the Nigerian Immigration Services to be at alert, LIB reports.

Read the statement below:

  1. Petra Entertainment Limited has received with shock news of the sudden demise of our artist Nielsen Zainab Joy (Aged 29) and her daughter Nielsen Petra (Aged 4) at their Banana Island, Lagos home on the 5th of April 2018.
  2. The late Nielsen Zainab Joy (also known as Alizee) was a Nigerian citizen married to Nielsen Peter Schau a Danish citizen resident in Nigeria.
  3. While we exercise restraint in making public comments on the circumstances surrounding the demise of Alizee and her daughter, – in order not to prejudices on-going police investigations –  it has become important to correct some misinformation presently circulating in the media space.
  4. In this regard, we state that the husband of the late Nielsen Zainab Joy who is also the father of the late Nielsen Petra is Nielsen Peter Schau. Nielsen Peter Schau is a Danish citizen and not an Italian or Asian as has been reported by several media outlets.
  5. We call all law enforcement agencies to speedily unravel the circumstances surrounding the demise of these vibrant Nigerians and bring all complicit persons and/or entities to justice.
  6. In the light of reports suggesting that Alizee’s husband may be under Police investigation in connection with these painful deaths, We particularly call on the Nigerian immigration Services to remain vigilant at this time and urge the cooperation of all foreign missions in the country.
  7. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the relatives of the late Zainab and Petra.




  1. Ephi

    April 7, 2018 at 8:16 am

    This lady and her daughter deserve justice and I hope they get it. Nigerian security services, please do not let us down. Also, I must say she has such a good Management team, sticking through thick and thin, and remaining professional whilst correcting misinformation, even though she’s passed. Thanks for this.

  2. Anon

    April 7, 2018 at 10:19 am

    Nigerian ladies beware of online dating of guys in countries you are not familiar with. Read about the Craigslist serial murderer who was a medical student or was he already a physician? Lots of stories abound here and not to sound racist, black people usually commit economic crimes like burglary, stealing from cars etc here. A white man is more likely to kill their family members and get away for a while with a facade of a decent man. The BTK killer was on the board of his church and murdered more than 10 people.

    I hear some girls want biracial kids at all cost or think the white man is a better lover. It’s simply not true. I have female patients whose husbands routinely beat them and “f” them with verbal abuse who have become a shadow of themselves. And yes, they are Caucasian. Some have ended up in mental hospitals or are on antipsychotic medications. Be careful, very careful with online dating. It’s extremely risky.

    • tunmi

      April 8, 2018 at 3:24 pm

      That’s what you really want to do? What of the very Nigerian man who killed his wife? Or the very Nigerian woman who stabbed her husband? And yet cuts across tribe. I don’t remember their names but I’m thinking of a Yoruba couple and a Hausa couple.

      This is truly not the time to do this. Because no one offers a warning to be careful of Yoruba men, or Hausa women killing their spouses.

      Speak out against domestic violence. Lend support and let the victims know they can count on you and that you won’t shame them for leaving. But don’t do this

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