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A Message to Young Lovers: Rock your Passion & Stay Protected with Flex



flexDark night, clothes strewn about on the floor. A pale moon burning silver on thighs, backs and jaw lines. Two consenting adults making the greatest wonder the world has ever seen, love. This is the picture, straight out of fifty shades of something farfetched. But this picture is no longer out of reach, you can now fit into it as well, like slender feet slipping into stilettos or a bulky arm into the sleeves of an expensive suit. You don’t need a performance drug, or an MJ song, to rock your lovers world. Sit down young lover, let’s talk.

First, you must realize that sex is not an act, it is art. And the exquisite painting sometimes requires ultra-thin strokes and just enough  spice to leave your paintbrush drooling for more. You want the oils to flow unhindered over the canvas of your lovers’ body. Peaking over lumps of incredible pleasure.

Also worthy of note young lover, is that intercourse is not a movement, it is a luxury car. An insatiable engine, running in-between two lanes, burning rubber on the dew-softened grounds of your woman’s embrace. You need a tank that doesn’t empty quickly, and stamina ensures just that. Laced with the chemicals of staying power, stamina doesn’t just take you on a journey, it ensures that every passenger on board gets to the destination.

And what about taste? The excitement of oral stimulation is beyond words, and unlimited pleasure awaits as many as realize that love has the flavor of bubblegum, it is sweet and never more than you can chew. You want to be welcome into the corridors of your lovers tongue, melting between her lips like brown sugar or dark chocolate, to be exactly what she’d like to have in her mouth. Your flesh studded enough to give that extra exciting sensation.

Furthermore, young lover, you should be given to sophistication, a believer in state of the art lovemaking. The body of your desire should be ribbed and strawberry-flavored, a true classic and a testament to the fact that love-making can be graceful and exquisite just as it can be wild and unhinged. So, what do we have here? A painting, a car and flavors. But they are not enough. Like running your tongue zig zag over your lovers back, you might want to slow down and concentrate on one spot eventually. You need the attitude of a pirate, to focus on the treasure island before you. Amongst the palm trees in this exotic getaway on your bed,  you will find a combination of sugar, spice and unlimited pleasure, all working together to thrust you beneath the shade of passion,  bring you to the shore of climax and drown you in an ocean of ecstasy.

Flex the right muscles tonight young lover, and rock your passion.

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