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How can Nigeria Build Successful Organisations that Endure? TEXEM UK invites British Journal of Management Co-Editor-in-Chief



According to a research carried out by the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) in the U.S.A., the evidence-based study revealed that 56% of new companies fail within just four years of their establishment – the failure rate even for established brands in Nigeria is worse. Thus, it is vital for top executives to consistently develop strategic leadership skillsets to position their organization for success. Due to the propensity for Nigerian organizations to fail as a result of the harsh contextual realities inherent in Africa’s largest economy, leaders need actionable and practical toolkits that would assist them to drive effectiveness, efficiency, innovation and lasting legacies.

In a move to ensure businesses in Nigeria excel in these hard times and beyond, TEXEM UK Limited has developed an executive development programme titled “Building Successful Organization that Endures: Aligning Purpose, Process, Performance and People”- a unique opportunity that executives cannot afford to miss. This programme with an assured return of investment offers actionable insights that could be applied in today’s complex, fast-paced, competitive environment, and equips leaders with the requisite skill set on how to drive firm resilience as well as organizational agility to achieve sustainable success at the micro and macro level.

To gain insights on how to develop innovative, commercially valuable and sustainable competitive edge, TEXEM invites you to join world-renowned Professor Pawan Budhwar, Editor in Chief of British Academy of Management and Professor of  Work Psychology at Aston Business School on May 2nd & 3rd 2018 at Eko Hotel, Victoria Island Lagos.

Theme: Building Successful Organizations that Endure: Aligning Purpose, Process, Performance, and People
Cost: £1500 (N750, 000 payment accepted in Naira)

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“Learning, training is a life process. So to choose the right facilitator is a very significant point for us, the executives and TEXEM seems to have the right connection and variety for extraction to provide us valuable programmes, thank you very much”.

Michailidis MichailChief Financial Officer, A.G LEVENTIS

“My perspective about the programme. I think it has been very interactive and I think it is also timely considering the current economic recession and the challenges that organizations are facing presently. I think the cost and the programme is timely. And one thing I also like about the programme is that it is very interactive. We are having executives bring their experiences into the case study and then we are looking at how we could take benefits from that and apply to our organization. And in terms of interaction, I think it’s an opportunity of bringing different executives from different organizations together to be able to look at ways in which you could be able to manage the current economic recession especially managing people because people are our major assets. And for me, I think the programme has been able to fulfill the aspiration and objective I personally set out to be able to gain from the programme. So overall, I think the programme is worth it”.

Sunday Asade, Group Supply Chain Director, A.G LEVENTIS.

“This course has been very insightful. We had a session of communication that made us start looking at the different aspects from which we can communicate back to the organizations and also taking into perspective different types of environment, different styles of communication. So I found it indeed very valuable”.

Soromidayo George, Director, Corporate Affairs, UNILEVER, Nigeria, and Ghana.

“Really, it is from my own perspective highly enlightening. When you look at the ideas and the concepts that we have actually been taken through, it gives you a very good step to what you can actually apply especially in these difficult times in Nigeria. Also, when you look at the quality of the faculty, and the level of the participants, the kind of knowledge that you obtain from the ideas and concept that comes out of the programme is very good. And I actually look forward to applying those concepts to my work and to be able to be a better person in my career. This is my first time of attending a TEXEM programme, but I have always sent my colleagues to this programme, and they always come back with a very good quality response in terms of what they have been able to get out of the programme. So there are still so many programmes that I believe my company, my colleagues can also benefit from. I look forward to sending, nominating people to attend these programmes in future”.

Gbemiga Owolabi, Human Resource Director, Airtel

“Talking about my perspective on the training, I think its something that every executive should be part of. The topic is particularly insightful, and it has been a great session. The prof from MIT has been very upfront in disserting communication strategies that every leader in an organization needs to be aware of. ‘Communication’ they say ‘sharing of meaning’. And if you are not able to share meaning with your subordinates or the subordinates are unable to share meaning with you and talk, then there’s bound to be a breakdown of structure and a breakdown of work eventually. So I have personally been refreshed by various strategies and methods by which one can communicate better in the organisation”.

Emmanuel Okene, Managing Director, Gas Stock Limited.

“This is the first I am attending TEXEM programme and in fact, I found it very insightful, very useful, very educative. In fact, I have realized that I have missed a lot by not attending earlier programmes. You know when you are selling a good product if your clients come back repeatedly. And to me, what I have seen and imbibed, I will still come back for future programmes of TEXEM. I am the first person to attend from my company and I can say that it is really an avenue for human capital development that my company should not miss out on. So overall. I will say that it has been a worthwhile effort”.

Usman B. Suleman, Managing Director, Future Unity Glenville Pension Ltd


By training over four thousand Government Ministers, CEOs, Chairs of Boards, Vice Chancellors, Directors and aspiring executives in the UK and Africa in the past nine years, TEXEM, UK, has a proven track record of helping organizations to develop and improve their human capital to achieve a competitive edge and sustainable performance.

These executive minds (TEXEM UK) offer customized and open executive training programmes where world-renowned faculties from top-class institutions such as Harvard, London Business School, MIT and others share decades of stimulating business success.

Some of TEXEM’s unique selling points are:

  • Ability to offer tailored, relevant and context-rich executive education programmes.
  • Great value for money for quality and tailored programmes.
  • A network of key stakeholders in Europe and North America that we have worked with in the past, which we could deploy towards delivery of executive development programmes.
  • An impressive track record of customer satisfaction with 60% of our delegates being repeat customers.
  • Understanding of the challenges that organizations face and committed, distinguished advisory board, which have a passion for the growth of Africa.

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