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Joe Hanson: 3 Fears That May Be Hindering Your Career Growth as a Master of Ceremonies



One of the fastest success killers, as you begin your journey to becoming a master of ceremonies, is fear.Fear of what you may ask, well the fear of everything!

The fear factor has a way of making you become inadequate and imbalanced in your delivery. Fear of “will I do well on this job?”

I was to anchor a very huge wedding reception some years back, I noticed  the fear factor always found its way into my mind. The fear of “what mistake must I avoid making? What if this goes wrong?” and the fear of “how do I start this event?”

Many have asked, how do you conquer your fears as you grow? Let’s quickly review these questions.

Fear of how to start the event
There is no such thing as a perfect MC on earth. It is common to feel faint at the sight of the crowd or audience, with elevated heart rate in tow.  Everyone, no matter whether you have been a compere for over a decade or more, experiences fear. Oh yes, even the popular Master of Ceremonies both home and abroad experience this. But the point of focus is, how do you deal with it?

Many have coined multiple styles to start events. Some engage the crowd like I love to do, others simply make short speeches as they welcome the audience, and for most, the religious style and applause usually sets the ball rolling. So, find your style for weddings or corporate events. When you do, it serves as the antidote to relieve fear.

No matter the initial fear, once you are 2 – 5 minutes gone into the event, it will disappear.

Fear of mistakes
This can be very counterproductive. I describe it as driving forward yet looking backward. This is not truly the right thing to do. Mistakes will surely come, but it is your responsibility to make sure that it is kept to the barest minimum or not at all. For instance, you call the bride a wrong name – instead of Dami, you say Daisy. This can happen to anyone, but it could have also been avoided. So, rather than worry about the “mistakes you will make at the event”, focus on not making any at all and even if you do, move on.

One of the most respected Comedian/Master of Ceremonies – Steve Harvey made a blunder on national/global TV. This goes to show that no one is perfect! Steve Harvey is an amazing compere and one of the best TV show hosts in the world.

Fear of Uncertainty
When you start up your career as an M.C, the fear of uncertainty can weaken your desire to want to be the best, dampening your spirit. This uncertainty is usually clogged with fear of “Am I sure this is what I really want to do in life or will I ever rise to become a well-respected Master of Ceremonies?

This is why I wrote in my first article on how to start. You need to carve a niche and identify what type of compere you want to be.

You may come across this episode in your struggle to grow where your mind tells you, that you aren’t better, you are weak. See this as a good sign, to be used for self-development. A baby learns to crawl before walking, so build some confidence and work harder.

Worry less and stay focused – as long as you have chosen this path. The sky is big enough for all to fly. 10 or 11 Master of Ceremonies cannot offer their services to the entire country.

See fear as a guide towards improving yourself and not as a failure.

Can you list some of the fear factors you may encounter along the way? Feel free to drop your comments and let’s share.