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Recharge your Body and Phone in the Lucozade Airtime Promotion



Most of us lead very busy lives and we need an extra boost to get us going all day. Whether it’s a boost in energy to be the best version of yourself everyday or, a boost to our phones to wrap up that very important phone call; there’s nothing wrong with needing a little extra help to get us through the day. This is why Lucozade, the brand that is dedicated to providing The Energy To Do You, has rolled out the third edition of its highly anticipated Lucozade Airtime Promotion.

The Lucozade Airtime Promotion kicks off in May 2018! It will reward those who consume promo bottles of the Lucozade Boost and Lucozade Sports PET with instant airtime across all mobile networks in Nigeria. To win instant airtime, text the unique code found under the yellow cap of the promotion bottles to ‘20966’ and stand a chance of being rewarded with instant airtime! SMS IS FREE!

Lucozade is the Glucose Based Energy drink that works with your body, giving you the energy to be the best version of yourself everyday.

Terms and conditions apply.

To keep up with updates on the promotion follow us on Instagram , Facebook and Twitter @LucozadeNigeria and join the conversation with #LucozadeAirtimePromo

Here are the photos from today’s promo launch

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