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Did you Miss the Maltavator Challenge this Week? Find Out how the Naija Representatives are doing



OGE FASH.jpgDid you catch this week’s nail-biting first episode of Malta Guinness’s brand new TV show as it hit the airwaves across Nigeria? With lead presenters Berla Mundi and Bovi compering the show, it saw 8 contestants from across the continent take on a mix of physical and mental challenges. The TV shows was developed to celebrate the can-do attitude of Nigerians who use their positive attitude and mentality to turn goodness into greatness every day. Malta Guinness is a premium adult soft drink, packed full of goodness with vitamins and slow release energy, Malta Guinness Goodness has been fuelling the Greatness of Nigerian consumers for over 30 years.

Action-packed to the max, the show has 10 contestants from Nigeria, Ghana, Ivory Coast and Ethiopia representing their countries and vying for a grand prize of twenty thousand US dollars. Each week for the first 5 shows, two contestants from each country will take on the Maltavator Challenge battling mental and physical challenges against the clock.MCANTHONY.jpg

Oge Nwabueze and Francis McAnthony were representing Nigeria this week. Oge, an up-coming blogger and the author of ‘Looming Danger’ (make sure to check it out) was not intimidated taking on the men despite her slight frame. Her stern no-nonsense demeanour in the challenges earned her quite a reputation, but she showed in the show how whilst she was ‘not there to lose’ she would have some fun along the way. Francis, turned out to be this week’s heart throb, with his chiselled good looks and wry smile he captured the hearts and minds of women from across the continent. Pitted against each other in this episode Oge inched ahead during the Maltavator Challenge, showing that brains matter just as much as brawn.

The two were then facing a jousting challenge. With this very much David taking on Goliath, it turned out Goliath – Francis was an absolute gentleman. The two both remained firmly stuck to their podiums, with a clear victory for gentleman kind, (if not for gentlemen wishing to take home $20K). The final challenge the Malta Volcano, saw the teams overcoming any fear of heights, grappling up a steep incline with only a rope to help them, then descending down a tunnel as quickly as possible. Oge put in an elegant performance, but this is where Francis flew ahead winning this week’s episode and putting in a positive time. It’s not over for Oge yet though as both their times will put up against their other teammates in the up-coming episodes and the top will get through.

This was the end of episode 1 but next week we will see fresh contestants join the challenge and battle it out to see if they can beat Oge and Francis’s time and get to the next phase of the Maltavator Challenge. Make sure you tune in or check out the repeat broadcasts:


NTA: 10:00 am

Superscreen: 17:30


ONTV + ONTV MAX – 18:00

AWA TV (Startimes) – 18:30

E-STARS (Startimes) – 18:30

PLANET TV (DStv + GOtv) – 18:00


PLANET TV (DStv + GOtv) – 17:30


PLANET TV (DStv + GOtv) – 19:30

Do share your thoughts and get the latest scoop and gist on the show by following the official hashtag #Maltavatorchallenge. Also, follow @maltaguinnessng on Twitter and Instagram and Like the Malta Guinness page on Facebook

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