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Repping Naija! 4 Nigerian Contestants move to the Semi-Finals of Maltavator Challenge



maltavator challengeThe excitement of the Maltavator Challenge continued this week in the first of the semi-finals. For the last eight weeks, we have been cheering on the Nigerian team as they compete in a series of physical and mental challenges.

maltavator challenge

During the quarter-final stages, the contestants met more energy demanding and mentally tasking games. They faced the Malta Wall, the Malta Slide and the Malta Moose as they raced against time towards the $20,000 USD grand prize. Contestants with the best time moved on to the semi-finals.  They are:

  • Evans Edeha Ideji
  • Ezeh Chidera Justine
  • Stanley Babalola
  • James James

With the semi-finals, contestants are geared up to compete in tougher challenges with their counterparts from Ghana, Cote d’Ivoire and Ethiopia. And they were really put through their paces in the tough challenges.

Episode 9, the first stage of the semi-finals, began with our presenters, Berla and Bovi revealing the four qualifying contestants from each country.  

Taking on the first semi-final were Evans and Stanley, who this time around were facing a tough mental challenge, alongside the return of the jousting. Everyone was hoping that the jousting would be a bit more fiercely fought now that it was country vs country!

First, they had to tackle the Malta Maze, a mental challenge, making their way through a maze to find the unlocked door at the end. And to add even more pressure, the contestants had to do it in their national dress rather than their usual fitness attire.

Stanley was first to take on the maze for Nigeria. And he didn’t get off to the best start. Failing to follow the complicated colour scheme correctly, he was sent back to the start. He managed to find his feet and made it through the unlocked door without losing too much time. Evans was the last to go and he was bound to be receiving good luck vibes from the ladies. He had fast feet through the maze, but had to try two doors before finding the unlocked one.

Once everyone had taken on the maze, it was back to the Malta Joust. Countries were going head to head this time, which took the action up a notch. Stanley faced Alazar from Ethiopia and they both put up a good fight. After receiving a warning for a blow to the head, Stanley stood his ground and it was Alazar who was knocked off his tower, with Stanley pleased to take the win.

Evans took on the other Ethiopian contestant, Dariwos. Evans got the first blow in and then seemed on a mission to knock Dariwos from his perch. Which he did quite convincingly in not too much time! Evans and Stanley showed real energy and can-do spirit throughout the show, but it’s still all to play for with the second semi-final next week.  

Make sure you tune in to see who demonstrate the most energy and vitality to take that important step into the final, and be a serious contender for the $20K USD grand prize.


NTA: 10:00 am

Superscreen: 17:30


ONTV + ONTV MAX – 18:00

AWA TV (Startimes) – 18:30

E-STARS (Startimes) – 18:30

PLANET TV (DSTV + GO TV) – 18:00


PLANET TV (DSTV + GO TV) – 17:30


PLANET TV (DSTV + GO TV) – 19:30

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