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BN Sweet Spot: The Rock, “Coolest… Sexiest Daddy in the World” & his Daughter ?



Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock shared an adorable video of himself  holding and talking to his 3 month old daughter on his Instagram page and we love it!

It is safe to say that baby Tiana Gia loved it as well as she was all smiles.

The Fast and Furious actor who can be seen cooing and gazing adoringly at his baby girl, captioned the video with a ‘dialogue’ between him, his daughter and his dog.

The actor must have realized how goofy the video was because in his caption he added that his dog who can be seen in the background of the video was ‘nauseated’ by all the goofiness that was going on oh and true to character he also took a shot at fellow actor Kevin Hart.

Check out the Instagram post below:


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