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DJ Black Coffee Opens Up on Cheating Scandal



Ace South African DJ Black Coffee has given his first media statement since his 2013 headline-making extramarital affair.

The DJ who is married to actress Enhle Mabali revealed to Metro FM‘s DJ Fresh that he was young and the sudden fame alongside the attention from the opposite sex could lead a person to make almost irreversible mistakes.

He shared: “A man, being a man, will always be a man. But now when you add the attention from the opposite sex, it can be blinding. It is something you will never be immune to as a person. You can try your best and every now and then it’s going to catch up with you. The love becomes overwhelming as a person. You become overwhelmed with everything, the success. Before you get used to everything, you slip up”

Coffee added that he was grateful for the lessons learnt as he is now more “woke”.

In 2013, Black Coffee made headlines when he allegedly cheated on Enhle with a model. The scandal nearly broke the couple’s marriage.

Photo Credit: @realblackcoffee


  1. Tumininu

    September 3, 2018 at 5:57 am

    See ode! Hope that atrocious mistake would not repeat itself.

  2. Cocoa

    September 3, 2018 at 11:01 pm

    A man will be a man will again be a man, he says.
    Ladies stop marrying these godless men!! You yourself surrender to God and let Him be your Lord so He can lead you into the arms of one of His sons.


    These boys are so below the bar ..they are UNFIT for marriage..they need God to RENEW their mind FIRST!!!!

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