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R. Kelly’s brother alleges he Molested their 14-year-old Cousin & made Tapes with 13-year-old Girls



R. Kelly reportedly holding women against their will in Abusive Sex 'Cult'


R. Kelly‘s brother Carey “Killa” Kelly has made more allegations concerning his older sibling.

Carey had alleged that R. Kelly dated men and also spread STDs in his track “I Confess” which was in response to R. Kelly’s 19-minute song “I Admit“.

In a lengthy interview on unWinewithTaskaK, Carey alleged that R. Kelly molested their 14-year old cousin and possibly impregnated her too.

“You give people chances to change before you put their business out there, before you actually say ‘enough it enough.’ Things happen in people’s lives to the point where you feel like it’s a wake-up call and now they get a chance to right their wrongs,” Carey said.

Around the 40:00 mark, Carey, when asked if R. Kelly molested a family member, said: “One, that I know of.”

Carey said R. Kelly was spending time alone with the alleged victim who he would not name. He added that the alleged victim gave birth years later.

When asked if R. Kelly was the father of the child, Carey said: “I can’t say…there hasn’t been any DNA for anything done.”

Carey added that he decided to grant the interview to set the record straight and clear his name.

On R. Kelly’s relationship with Aaliyah, Carey said they had a creepy brother-sister relationship. “But at the same time, it made you scratch your head. He [was] overprotective of her when he shouldn’t be,” Carey said.

“I picked it up when he was working on her album and he started producing ‘Age Ain’t Nothin But a Number.’ I’m listening to the [lyrics] and I’m paying closer attention to how they’re vibing…they’d be right next to each other, hugged up and different things of that nature. That didn’t seem right with him being the age that he was, and her being the age that he was.”

Around the 55:00 mark, Carey said R. Kelly tried to kiss him in the mouth when they were on tour. He said he feels R. Kelly would have tried to sleep with him.

Carey also alleged that R. Kelly made tapes with 13-year-old white girls (around the 1:15:00 mark).

“I wasn’t condoning (his behavior),” Carey said, adding that he believed that R. Kelly was “trying to get some help.”

On why R. Kelly “targets little girls,” Carey said: “Robert has a control problem. And the only reason why he targets little girls, now that I’m older, I understand. He was molested. I was molested [too], but I didn’t turn out that way.”

Carey added that they were molested by the same person. “I became a protector of children. I didn’t want kids to go through what I went through…especially my daughters,” he said.

Carey, in the interview, insinuated that R. Kelly was “demonic” and urged him to seek help. “Anytime a person lusts after a minor something is wrong with them.”

Watch the full video below:


  1. DatEnuguChic

    September 14, 2018 at 9:52 am

    God have mercy. Uwa agwula mmadu ike

  2. Seriously

    September 14, 2018 at 2:39 pm

    R.Kelly is sick and I pray he realizes it and repent truthfully. I’m glad his brother is speaking out. and it takes lots of gut to do that. We need to speak out more. I’m tired of how we protect predators. Expose them

  3. Sherlie Holmes

    September 14, 2018 at 6:44 pm

    This sounds super sincere. I believe everything he’s said, the signs are all there…

    May God deliver R.Kelly before more damage is done.

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