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#ChangeTimeTussle: Naija Moms Share their Experiences changing Babies Diapers 



Has changing your toddler’s diapers suddenly become a struggle? Do they roll, turn, kick and even do flips while you’re trying to put on their diaper? Turns out you’re not alone in this after all; most babies who have started crawling and learning to walk have a mind of their own and would put up a real fight when you try to change them.

Moms across the country are discussing this and the topic is trending on almost all the ‘mum groups and pages’ on Social media. Many of these mums shared their funny experiences.

In one mum’s words, “My daughter is like Jackie Chan and Jet Li put together when you are trying to change her diaper. I don tire….”.  See snapshots of some other hilarious comments below:


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