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Social Media Creatives Subscribers to Get Free Social Media Audit as 30% Discount Promo Ends November 16th



Social Media Creatives Free Social Media Auditing

Are you an SME struggling with social media content, audience targeting, and segmentation, crafting a compelling story, engagement, conversion and marketing activities? Social Media Creatives is giving its subscribers a FREE social media audit in the ongoing 30% discount offer which will end on Friday, November 16th, 201

There is no better time to subscribe than now as the FREE social media audit will help in identifying the gaps in social media activities, make informed decisions, uncover opportunities to generate leads, give your industry insights, stay ahead of the competition and helps to maximize marketing efforts.

A lot of SMEs are just posting on social media without evaluating their social activities in order to identify marketing and growth opportunities they might not currently be taking advantage of. This social media audit will serve as a valuable way of making sure that their marketing activities are effective.

With the 30% discount, subscribers will be paying the sum of ₦40,000. This is ₦3,333 monthly but payable annually and gives access to create 1200 designs in a year cutting out the need to have a graphic designer on board, which costs between 80-200k per month.

SMEs have compared Social Media Creatives with other design platforms and realized that this is a platform that understands and suits the Nigerian SMEs. Here are the differences between Social Media Creatives and other design platforms.

Social Media Creatives Other Graphics Design Platform
Offers local themes and templates for our very own festive periods and national days Offers general themes
Provides local industry insights No industry insights
Shares weekly content tips and guides with subscribers Does not share content tips with subscribers
Offers brand management advisory service for SMEs No brand management advisory service
The platform is more like your social media manager as a service platform Just a design platform
Resizes to all social media sizes in one click Does not resize
Designs can be scheduled ahead of time Does not allow scheduling of designs


The platform will also be opened for one-week free trial for interested individuals to explore their creativity and design skills.

Click here to grab this offer before it ends on Friday, November 16th. To enjoy the ONE-week FREE trial, signup on and send a mail indicating your interest to [email protected].
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