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Enjoy a Whopping 50% Discount when You order Pizza from The New Domino’s Pizza Website



Hello pizza lovers! 2019 has kicked off with new and interesting packages just for you. The No 1 pizza-making company in the world, Domino’s Pizza is offering you a whopping 50% discount on every Medium Pizza and Pan Meatpie pizza ordered via the new Domino’s website and App.

This newly launched technology is super-fast and gives you mega savings when you order from the convenience of your home, offices or just chilling with friends and family. Also, with a few clicks, you will discover awesome deals, save your order preferences, customize your toppings and save time.

You can now enjoy all your favorite flavors from Chicken Suya, Pepperoni, Meatzza, Barbecue Chicken, Tex-Mex, American Classic Cheeseburger, Veggie Supreme, Chicken Bali and so much more for 50% less.

Take advantage of this exciting offer to enjoy more cheesy goodness. Click here to order now.

This offer is available exclusively on the website and will run from Monday, January 7th to Thursday, February 7th, 2019.
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