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Maki Oh unveils its first Menswear Collection tagged “Because Men in Silk Shirts on Lagos Nights”



Fashion brand Maki Oh and its creative director, Maki Osakwe has launched their first menswear collection tagged ‘Because Men in Silk Shirts on Lagos Nights’. The 8 piece collection of silk shirts, comes with an exclusive film from the renowned brand, directed by Nigerian filmmaker Arie Esiri, in collaboration with A Whitespace Creative Agency and Kimiera Production. The film features the musician ‘Boj’ the Microphone amongst others.

The Film Lagos has featured prominently in a number of the Maki Oh films that have accompanied previous collections. The novelty of a menswear collection encouraged the director Arie Esiri, story editor and writer Maki Osakwe and Dan Marre to re-imagine the city and archetypal Lagosian men, whose habits and routines were reformatted for the world the film creates. A recognizable near future that allows us to uncover who the “Maki Oh man” might be.

The narrative aims to attach the distinct adire print of each shirt to a character, assuming that they are the last of their kind or tribe. Traversing this eerie nightscape vying for a place in some undetermined future promised to them in encrypted radio waves and faulty signals. Isolating and connecting them in competition.

Watch clips of the visual below

Click here to watch the full video now 

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Designer: Maki Oh @maki.oh
Writer/Director: Arie Esiri @nepahastakenlight
Creative Direction: Maki Osakwe & Dan Marre
Cinematographer: Cedric Cheung-Lau @shootdonttalk
Models: Bolaji “Boj On The Microphone” Ojudokan @bojonthemicrophone
Akintunde Disu @popbeachclub
Logor Olumuyiwa @logorofafrica
Toyin Oyeneye @thetoyin17
Nelson Oghenekewe @nelson_oghenekewe
Gabriel Ejoni @ejonigabriel
Joseph Fidelis


  1. Nnena

    January 22, 2019 at 12:50 pm

    Such Basic stuff!! But cos it’s Maki oh, it deserves attention?!!! BN, your hypocrisy stinks. And I was wondering why good lookbook a were not being put up!! Disgusting

  2. Nnena

    January 22, 2019 at 12:50 pm


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