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Watch This Powerful Video on Why It’s Important for you to Vote in the 2019 Elections



It’s another election year in Nigeria. We are back to the basics again, almost the same crop of politicians asking us to trust them and vote them into office. This was the same play 4 years ago, and 4 years before then and even 4 years before that… Some of us have given up, thinking that our votes do not count and that “they” would “put” whoever they want into office.

Dear Nigerian, pause and think for a minute.

Someone is trying to rob you of your future. To rob your children, even unborn, of a safe and stable environment to grow up in. Are you just going to give up without doing a thing? We challenge you to push yourself. Go out and vote for a person whose vision for this country you believe would move us closer to the Nigeria of our dreams. Remember, though, that voting is the endpoint. Are you able to vote? Do you have a Permanent Voters’ Card? If you don’t, do what you must to get yours between now and Friday, February 8th, 2019. Take time off work if you have to. Just ensure that you do not get the wrong people into public office through your inaction. The Elevation Church is a socially responsible organization in Nigeria, and we encourage you to be socially responsible too. The journey to a new Nigeria begins with you!

Visit the INEC website to see a list of PVC collection centres around you.
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