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Dear Celebrities, don’t Let Financial Stress Lead You to Depression- Get Knowledge On Your Situation | April 3rd



In Nigeria, financial stress has been a major cause of depression and sometimes getting people to the level where they intend taking their own life.

Lately, the entertainment industry has also been put in the spotlight as many entertainers and celebrity gets into depression due to poor financial management skill and lack of financial intelligence. The economy has not remained the way it was and it is also biting hard on the entertainment industry, and surviving times like this, you need to know how to invest every penny you earn as a brand.

Truth is a lot of entertainers start quite well when they are fresh into the industry but the question is how well do they manage their brand such that they can remain in the industry for years, doing well professionally and financially despite the prevalent issues in the industry?

Despite its challenges, the Nigerian entertainment industry remains a goldmine and one of the things required to enjoy the potentials that lie in it is personal brand building. It is a necessity that most celebrities and entertainers take for granted but which later haunts them in their professional journey.

A well built and managed brand will open doors to other jobs such as endorsements, brand ambassador/influencer, events, adverts, compère of events etc. thereby keeping the financial aspect fluid and balanced enough to reduce the depression that comes with financial stress. A short-lived brand leads to a short-lived career and a crumbling financial position which can lead to depression and even suicide.

Date: Wednesday, April 3rd, 2019.
Time: 8:30 AM to 7:00 PM

Register here here

There are strategies involved in building a successful personal brand and veteran comedian Ali Baba will be shedding more light on this in the personal branding masterclass holding in Lagos on the 3rd of April 2019.  Ali Baba has been in the industry for well over 30 years and one of the few people that has been able to build a good brand. He has survived various challenges in his career (economic, social, political) and is in the best position to guide upcoming celebrities’ on how to navigate the turbulent socio-economic climate in Nigeria that could favor your brand one day and the next might work against your brand.

Leading financial experts from banks, insurance companies, investment companies will also be at the panel session on Finance and Financing for the Creative Practitioner and will answer all your question on the subject of finance and how proper financial planning helps sustain your brand for long.

It promises to be an explosive and knowledge filled session and the following topics will be discussed:

  • How a strong personal brand attracts premium engagement fees in Nigeria
  • Positioning for continued success in a crowded industry
  • The power of networking in brand building
  • Brand evaluation for sustainability
  • Personal Brand portfolio management for growth
  • Finance and financing for the creative practitioner

Due to high demand, and help from our sponsors, the investment fee has been reduced to the sum of fifty thousand naira only (50,000) for just 2 days (Tuesday, March 26 to Thursday, March 28th, 2019). The 50% discount ends on Thursday 11.59pm, on the 28th of March so interested participants should register here.

Further details about the masterclass will be shared via email after registration.

Limited spaces are available and registration will stop as soon as it is sold out.

Investment fee goes back to 100,000 from Friday, 29th of March. Register on time using this LINK

This is more than an event. It’s an opportunity to network with Ali Baba and other celebrities. The connections you make at this event could serve as a springboard that could move your career and brand to the next level.

For inquiries call 07082531481


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1 Comment

  1. Amaka

    March 26, 2019 at 8:02 pm

    I think this class will be of help to Nigerian celebrities. The problem with Nigerian celebrities is that they are living fake life. Naira is not on the same standing with Dollar and Pounds, yet most of them instead of living according to their means, would want to come here in the States for few weeks or months, just to go back and start speaking in American accent, and be deceiving themselves. There is this Yoruba actress, that her son is living with my parents. My parents have done virtually any and everything to take care of her child, yet common $150 a month for this child’s daycare is difficult for her to provide. Everyone knows how expensive daycare is here in the States. Yet my mother was able to negotiate with this place that provides daycare for children of my mother’s coworkers, and she charges them less because they were billed as bulk charges. Still this Nigerian “celebrity” cannot afford $150 a month. Come and take your child she won’t, she is pricing daycare for $50 a month. I blamed my mom for accepting to help somebody that doesn’t know what is being done for her. My mother never charged her for rent, and other things for her child. Yet she is still unable to provide for her child. Giving birth in America is not an easy job. Wanting to raise the same child in America, is a tough job. NIGERIAN CELEBRITIES, PLEASE CUT YOUR COAT ACCORDING TO YOUR MATERIAL. STOP LIVING A FAKE LIFE. I for one has lost respect for you all.


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