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It’s going to be A Royal Night at Roma Lagos & We’re Ready? | Saturday, March 30th



Ever imagined what royalty looked like in the days of the Roman Empire? Ever imagined what it’d be like to attend a lavish party at a Casino in Monaco? Well, your imaginations are set to become reality on Saturday, the 30th of March 2019 at Roma Lagos. We present to you ‘The Kings & Queens of Hearts Meet Casino Royale.’

Roma Lagos, the first ever Graeco-Roman-inspired luxury restaurant/lounge in Lagos, located at 31A Admiralty Way, Lekki Phase I, has become synonymous with top-quality Mediterranean cuisine and world-class service. This exquisite baroque restaurant/lounge nestled in Lekki boasts of an innovative menu, an impressive sommelier and a one-of-a-kind-ROMA-only experience with different rooms curated for different pockets of experiences.

Instead of the regular, ROMA aims to create the spectacular. Rather than having an average club experience or just heading to another bar for drinks, ROMA is creating a unique space in the lifestyle/hospitality/entertainment market where people can have immersive experiences that create new and fresh feelings of surprise and excitement. Kicking off with the ‘FEAST AT ROMA’ earlier this year, ROMA is set to change the Lagos scene with the ROMA ROYALTY Series.

The Kings and Queens of Hearts Meet Casino Royale, First of Its Name, A Gathering of Royalty, A Pacesetter, The Party to Rival all Parties! This event, #RomaRoyale, is going to be a blend of Roman royalty and the Vegas casino vibe, featuring games of blackjack, poker, chess, draughts, traditional card games, pool, spin shots, and many more. Guests should be ready to get their game faces on and 007 poses right as they definitely won’t want to miss all the fun at the #RomaRoyale photo booth.

Get your tuxes, your ball gowns, your sleek and sexy bond-girl dresses, your masks, your crowns and your tiaras ready because, on the 30th of March at ROMA Lagos, it’s going to be all about royalty! #RomaRoyale And oh! They’ve graciously created a mood board for us!!! We’re beyond ecstatic and excited!

To hear more and see about Roma, follow the hashtag #RomaRoyale and Instagram @romalagos

Date: Saturday, March 30, 2019
Time: 12 pm.
Venue: Roma Lagos, 31A Admiralty Way, Lekki Phase I, Lagos.


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