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The Housemates talked Jumping Shoes, Village People & Conspiracy Theories on Thursday’s #BBNaija Double Wahala Reunion Show



The Housemates talked Jumping Shoes, Village People & Conspiracy Theories on Thursday's #BBNaija Double Wahala Reunion Show | BellaNaija

On the penultimate #BBNaija Double Wahala Reunion show, 15 housemates returned to discuss nominations, evictions and disqualifications.

Anto, Teddy A, BamBam, K Brule, DeeOne, Lolu, Angel, Vandora, Ahneeka, Alex, Rico Swavey, Bitto, Nina, Princess, and Tobi.

Safe to say the Thursday night’s show can be divided into three categories: village people, jumping shoes, and conspiracy theories.

Let us explain.

Village People
It was Tobi who started this one. They were talking about the fake evictions, you know, that one that happened the day they entered the house. He said he felt his village people had come for him when he was sent out of the house almost immediately after they entered.

DeeOne said the fake eviction was a reality check for him. He said it helped him learn Miracle wasn’t a good guy, after they returned into the house and he saw on Miracle’s face that he was angry. Anto, though, Anto said she did not care. She said the game was the game and she was there to play it. Angel just remembered being haunted by Tobi’s belt that hung over the door while he slept.

Ahneeka said she was thrown off by it. She said it was the beginning of the end for her, and it was so much emotional drama. Another thing that messed up Ahneeka’s game, she said, was getting rejected by DeeOne.

Although DeeOne said it was only a joke and he would have done it to any girl, Ahneeka said it messed up her self esteem and she began to compare herself with Vandora who DeeOne was eventually paired with. Deeone knelt down to apologize, but Ahneeka copied him and on the night of her rejection and said: No.

Rico added that being picked last also messed with his ego.

Jumping Shoes
K Brule, though, explained that the fake-evicted housemates could hear his excitement from outside the house because they had been locked up on “house arrest” prior to entering the house. He said he finished reading Bible that he’d never read in his entire life.

Which leads us to…

Jumping Shoes
K Brule said it in an earlier episode that if he had his jumping shoes on before leaping from the bedroom upstairs to downstairs, his fall wouldn’t have been bad. We’re led to ask: What exactly are jumping shoes?

Ebuka tried to explain to K Brule why he might have deserved the strike that contributed to his disqualification. The whole talk about his disqualification led to Angel dragging DeeOne. Angel said DeeOne provoked K Brule on that night, and should be confined to a mental institution.

DeeOne said Angel’s old age is why he has forgotten what happened. He said K Brule said something really caustic, which was why he criticized him.

K Brule, explaining his side of the story, dragged DeeOne from here to hell. No need to explain everything he said. He sha said DeeOne’s nose is big that’s why he couldn’t keep it out of his business. Then he added that he had a wide mouth too. Anyway, he finally explained what happened and said DeeOne did not have enough context before butting into it. Afterward, he apologized for the way he acted, but said Khloe shouldn’t have brought his mother into it, for whom he went into the house so he could win the money to treat her cancer.

Conspiracy Theories
On conspiracy theories, though, that one started with Anto. She said there were voting discrepancies in the show, and her going back into the house was a mess because she had heard what people in the house had to say about her and was not allowed to react.

Bitto took the mantle, and he said that he felt the evictions followed the narrative the fans carved on social media, as if Big Brother was playing to that.

Ebuka shot it all down, though. He explained that Big Brother is a huge franchise owned by Endemol, and the votes were tallied by another international company: Deloitte. He said there was no way these two companies would have put their reputations at stake for something so small.

And that’s all that happened, guys. Looks like tomorrow’s show will be even juicier though. It’s the top 4: Cee C, Alex, Tobi and Nina. Let’s look out for it.

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