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Check Out the 5 Funniest Moments from Tuesday’s #BBNaija Double Wahala Reunion Show

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Check Out the 5 Funniest Moments from Tuesday's #BBNaija Double Wahala Reunion Show | BellaNaija

It’s over with the drama (we hope) in the #BBNaija Double Wahala Reunion show, and it’s all love and singing kumbaya now, everyone laughing.

Tuesday night’s show was particularly hilarious. Not all the housemates were present this time, Big Brother giving us a mix of female and male housemates.

We saw our favorite pairs in the house: Alex and Leo, Anto and Lolu, and Tobi and Cee C. There was also Bitto, whose “wardrobe malfunction” was discussed, as was Nina, Angel, and DeeOne. And the topic? Viral moments.

And out of all the laughs from last night, here are five that had us rolling on the floor:

Angel’s Butt-scratching Moment

We all saw clips of it after it happened: Angel itching his butt while asleep and bringing his hand to … you get the idea. Well, it was the first thing discussed at the reunion show and we couldn’t stop laughing.

Ebuka asked Angel who the first person he shook when he woke up that morning was, and Angel said, “It is what it is,” explaining that he was asleep and what he did was unconscious.

Alex Casting Nina and Miracle’s Bathroom Make-out Session

The housemates were honest last night, we’ll give them that (they’ve actually been all through this reunion). Nina explained why herself and Miracle were making out just a day or two after arriving the house. They’d been locked up for two weeks prior, she said, and she just needed someone to hug. And herself and Miracle had become friends since the auditions.

Then Alex came in and casted them. She shared that she too was in the bathroom while the make out was going on. She’d been soaping herself when she noticed Nina and Miracle whispering and generally being up to no good. Next thing she saw Nina giving Miracle “anya love” which literally means “eyes of love” (in Igbo) and the next thing they were kissing.

Bitto’s Wardrobe Malfunction & Denrele Describing it As A “Weapon of Warfare”

Who has forgotten Bitto getting what looked like a hard-on while Nina cried on his shoulders. Everyone was puzzled when we saw it. But Big Bitto, as the housemates call him, explained that it was a wardrobe malfunction, and he wasn’t aroused or anything. He shared that his dad, when he was little, would often urge him to return into the house before an outing when he was sporting the “wardrobe malfunction.”

Nina explained that she’d been conflicted over kissing Miracle just days into the house, despite her having a boyfriend outside the house (does anyone else remember Collins?).

Cee C and Tobi’s Near-Kiss and First Kiss

First we saw the moment Cee C gave Tobi that epic ela, teasing him by pretending she was trying to kiss him. The two housemates explained the dynamics of their relationship in the house and why it didn’t work: Tobi is an extrovert who enjoys socializing, Cee C is an introvert who wanted to “own” Tobi to herself. She said she was only teasing him with the near kiss, and wasn’t even thinking about the cameras.

And about the first kiss? Tobi said he felt it came when he was already withdrawing from Cee C and it was her way of bringing him back. He said he thought, “Where is this coming from,” after the kiss, and wasn’t necessarily gaga over it. But then he was reminded of his jubilation, something corroborated by Alex.

Cee C explained that it was Valentine’s Day and that was the day they were unpaired, and she didn’t know where things were going. She started the kiss as a way for her to make it clear she liked him.

DeeOne and Alex’s “Housegirl” Strategy

DeeOne was really in form on Tuesday, throwing jabs at everyone, especially Alex.

Alex said she felt DeeOne was funny in the house, but he also enjoyed starting trouble. She gave an instance of him casting Tobi to Cee C and watching happily as they fought.

Then DeeOne went in on Alex, claiming her strategy was to be the housegirl so that people who watch #BBNaija, who he said were mostly people staying at home, housewives, would be able to relate. He said Alex washed the dishes a lot, and also once washed his pant.

And that’s all for last night, guys. Don’t forget to catch all the gist as it happens on our Twitter @bellanaija, and on our Instagram @bellanaijaonline. We’ll be giving you a blow-by-blow update as it happens.

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