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3 Reasons Linda Ejiofor-Suleiman Loves Nigerian Traditional Weddings

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Newlywed Linda Ejiofor-Suleiman took to her Twitter to share with her followers what she loves about Nigerian traditional weddings. We thought we should share with you what gets her about traditional weddings. It shows how much we all enjoy all that our different cultures bring to the wedding. Even though she shares mainly about two cultures, we know that each tribe has a unique way of celebrating.

Please do share why you love weddings from your culture in the comments.

Even though she is yet to experience a northern wedding(click to see weddings from the north), we can tell that northern weddings are pretty memorable. From the number of days for the ceremonies to the different events that take place, the henna to the beautiful food and distinct events. If you do experience a Northern Wedding, it will stick to you for a long time.

First off, Linda shares why she loves Yoruba traditional engagement:

She shared a video which we have also shared on our Instagram page a few days back. See below:

It such an interesting moment, because the groom just as to do everything the Alaga instructs. Tell us what your favourite part of a Yoruba traditional engagement in the comments.

Now she explains why she loves Igbo Weddings:

Of course, she put up this video from her traditional wedding.

Guys, what intrigues you about Igbo weddings, we want to know?

All in all Nigerian traditional marriages are distinct in their own way according to each tribe but one thing that is common is that it displays a high level of culture, beauty, heritage, and individuality. So tell us in the comments, why you love the traditional wedding?


Bride: @lindaejifor
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