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Man sentenced to Death by Hanging for killing Girlfriend



Man sentenced to death by hanging for killing Girlfriend - BellaNaija

A high court in Akure has sentenced Chukwudi Onweniwe, to death by hanging for killing his girlfriend, Nifemi Adeyeoye.

Vanguard reports that Chukwudi was charged in May 2017, after it was reported that he dragged his girlfriend to a farm, raped her and strangled her to death.

The police prosecutor, John Aderibigbe, said the strange occurrence was reported by one of the motorcyclists who testified in court.

Justice Bola while delivering judgement said that the prosecution had proven its case beyond reasonable doubt in three out of the four count charges.

He noted that they had failed to establish the rape charge but found him guilty for kidnapping for which he sentenced him to life imprisonment, choking and strangulating for which he sentenced him to death by hanging, and murder for which he sentenced him to death by hanging.

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