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Read 4 Lessons Marcy Dolapo Oni has learned from Motherhood



Producer, Actor, Mum, Wife, and Mentor – Marcy Dolapo Oni is a woman with several admirable hats on her head.

She is featured as the “Mum of the Month” by Lagos Mums, a parenting community, and the interview is so interesting as she shares tips from her life as a mum and lessons she has learned along the way.

Dolapo gave birth to her son in 2017 and has since kept us updated, via her vlog, about her pregnancy as well as dealing with motherhood.

Click here to watch her vlogs.

Read the 4 things Dolapo has learned from motherhood below.


On what has surprised her the most about motherhood: What has surprised me the most is how much love you can have for another human being. Total unadulterated love. It is honestly mind-blowing. And also how selfless you become.

On what motherhood has taught her about herself: I truly understood God’s love for me when I became a mother. It’s like something just clicked. His absolute unconditional love.

On the importance of having a support system as a mum: Very important for my Sanity! True support comes in quality, not quantity. I would rather have 1 great person in my corner than 20 people just faffing about. My mum, a few mum friends, and my nanny are a great help!

On what new mums should know: That it is okay to take your time. It is okay to take your time to get back and feel like your “old” self.


Here are 4 adorable photos of Dolapo and her son Prince Sijuwade and husband Gbite Sijuwade.

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