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You Can Live Your Best Life Everyday! Learn How to have a Back-Up Plan | April 6th



Look at it this way: when tough decisions need to be made, decisions taken will always be in favor of the company and not you. That’s a truth we hardly tell ourselves; partly because it is a scary thought when you have no back-up plan. Don’t wait to come to that point where you realize that all jobs are the same and that you will retire out of it someday.

It’s even worse if you are sitting through a job you don’t enjoy. Get unstuck. There’s more to life. Life can be so much more enjoyable.

Do you want to keep hopping from job to job or would you rather try out something that has the potential to offer you more out of life?

Ask yourself these questions: Am I living my best life? Is there more I could be doing with the time that I have each day? What would happen if my employer no longer required my services? The greatest benefit of having a job is that it allows you to start your own business with minimal risk as it serves as both a buffer and your source of capital. Don’t just sit and wait for miracles; Miracles only happen when you have played your part.

Refuse to connive with your employer in trading your spare time and wellbeing for monthly pay. Take charge of your own life. Don’t give absolute control to another to chart the course of your life. Create your own outcomes. Reinvent yourself and see just how much you are capable of.

To start your journey, join us for a free online webinar on How to Convert Your Skills To A Sellable Product Online (Part 1). Click on this link to register

Date: Saturday, 6th of April, 2019
Register here 
Duration: 45 – 60minutes

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