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Hello BNers, Can You #FindThe32In4? Take A Look



Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other popular networks regularly update their features to enhance user experience. The world of social media is constantly changing and your ability to adapt to the latest developments is crucial to staying in tune with trends all over the world.

With that being said, isn’t it just frustrating when you wake up in the morning, grab your smartphone, tap on any of the Facebook, Instagram or Twitter icons to see what’s happening in the world of social media only to see a trend you literally slept on gaining serious momentum and you can’t seem to comprehend what it is and what it is directed at achieving even after you summoned the wisdom of King Solomon and Doctor Strange.

The 32 in 4 social media fever

95% of Millennials aged 18-34 consume content predominantly through social media while Generation Z folks spend at least five hours per day on social media so how come these set of persons who pride themselves as being progressive thinkers, youthful and tech-savvy can’t seem to figure out this new “What is the 32 in 4” trend that has everyone on social media in a frenzy and doubting how smart they claim to be?

What is the 32 in 4 at first sight definitely comes across as a math problem so trust the vastly grounded Pythagoras wannabees to try to answer the question mathematically. Some went as far as posting images of their mathematical analysis and in the process, wildly lost the plot. That was hilarious to watch.

Other persons had a lot of interpretations for this social media mystery and some of them were particularly creative.

Others gave up.

Clicking on the hashtag felt like an adventure on its own with several dead ends trying to decipher what the 32 in 4 truly stands for but you couldn’t help but continue to find a suitable answer and douse your curiosity.

Time has passed and we all still don’t know what the 32 in 4 is. Could it be a math problem? Could it be some form of PR stunt aimed towards a product launch? Could it be a trick question tied to a social experiment that proves we are all dumb and need to spend less time on the internet?. My bet is on the last theory as we all wait to find out what is the 32 in 4 everyone is talking about.
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