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BN Moms, Give your Kids the Chance to look Cool Like Their Favourite Indomitable Superheroes & Win N100,000

Any child can be cool… every child can be Indomitable.



Hey moms! Did you know that @Indomie_nigeria is giving every child the opportunity to look cool like their favourite Indomitable superheroes and win N100,000? Yes, it’s all happening at the newly launched Indomitable store, located at the popular Ikeja City Mall. There’s lots of cool and exciting stuff to experience and win.


All it takes is for you (mum) to buy any of their favourite Indomitable hero branded merchandise (T-shirts, School bags, Sunglasses, Pencil cases, Face caps, etc.) worth N2000 and your child could be the next Indomitable hero supermodel, walking away with the N100,000.

There is even more.

Shop for as little as N999 and your child wins awesome Indomitable superhero stickers which can be used to customize any surface and turn it into a certified Indomitable hero gear.

Spend between N1,000 – N1, 999 and your child get to take a spin on the Indomitable spinning wheel and win even more amazing prizes.

Apparently whoever said looking good never pays had no Idea what delicious @indomie_nigeria had cooking in store for our kids.

So mom, why are you still reading this article?

Take your child to our Indomitable store, located at Ikeja City Mall now and give them a chance to become the next Indomitable Hero Supermodel and win 100k.
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