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Nestlé Nigeria cleans Up Redline Leisure & Resort’s beach to Celebrate World Oceans Day



Over the weekend, the world participated in the yearly ritual of awareness about the importance of protecting the ocean through the “World Oceans Day”. Nestle Nigeria PLC got volunteer staff to come out and clean Redline Leisure and Resort’s beach in Okun Ajah Community, Lagos.

The turnout was fantastic. There were enough people to split into four large groups and they all competed to see which group could pick up the most trash throughout the cleanup process. At the end of the day, the teams had cleared 1494.4 kilograms of waste off the beachfront. The pre-registered participants also got certificates for their participation.

Nestle Waters’ efforts to reduce the plastic waste getting into waterways all across the country are well known. First, they rebranded the packaging of their bottles to use less plastic. Then, they have been consistently involved with environmental sustenance initiatives sensitizing people about the need to take recycling seriously. The use of plastic in production is constantly rising, so it’s important for people to know how improper disposal of plastic waste can be unhealthy for the environment.
The company teamed up with @recyclepoints ( their recycling partners) for this particular exercise, so they were responsible for weighing the waste and packing it up for recycling.

Nestle Nigeria currently has a four-pillar “Nestle Cares” campaign going on, and this exercise was under the “Environment Outreach” pillar.

The beachfront at the end of the event

You can check out more highlights from the event on Nestle Waters Nigeria’s social media channels (listed below). The company will also be setting up a visit to an orphanage later this month, so keep an eye out if you want to be a part of it.
Instagram: @nestlepurelifeng
Facebook: @nestlepurelifeng

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