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Jackye Wins the Pepsi Challenge & Tacha has Some Peppery Words for Frodd – Catch all the Gist on #BBNaija Day 17



Emotions and Revelations

Diane finally reveals who her heart really wants.

The Situation

Subsequent to Diane’s love web situation that was addressed during the Live Eviction Show, Diane finally addressed the elephant in the room.

Evidently, the trio – Tuoyo, Nelson and Sir Dee, had a mutual special connection – Diane. This was revealed when Ebuka asked how she felt about these Pepper Dem men. To which she gave neutral responses.

Earlier on, she had a chat with Tuoyo regarding the awkward situation. Here, she made mention of the fact that the guy who claimed likes her, wasn’t reflecting his feelings in his actions towards her. In addition, the Housemate in question was emotionally involved with another lady in the House. Who could this be? That’s right, Nelson!

More Revelations

In order to clear the air, Diane decided to have the dreaded conversation with Nelson. She made her feelings known to him and said: “If I say I like you, then I mean it”.

Nelson apparently nursed his displeasure in Diane’s closeness with Tuoyo – to buttress his point, he revealed how uncomfortable he felt seeing Diane and Tuoyo’s intimate dance during the Saturday Night Party.

With Mercy as the middleman in the situation, she made a subtle attempt at bringing the duo together. In her words, “there’s love here, can’t you see it?”.

The emotional outburst ended in an even more awkward moment when Nelson told Diane that they should just remain friends, till anything else springs up between them”.

Well, we thought this ship would sail until now. Now the question is, what next?

Bathroom Fight

Tacha spits fire this morning raging over Frodd’s attempt to stop her from using the bathroom.

The Pepper Dem gang started their seventeenth day in Biggie’s House with an energetic workout. After a frog jump exercise led by Tuoyo, the ladies were treated to some fun when strapped to the men’s back like babies they were smiling broadly and urging the men on, as they raced from one end of the Arena to another. The sweet rhythm seemed to be fuel to the men’s energy as they sped to the other side like a jet.

The Fight

After the workout session, they all went back into the room preparing for the day’s Tasks. Some of them had to use the bathroom. Frodd was ready to use the bathroom but realized that Tacha was already there. As he made to go in, Tacha sent him back with peppery words. She wouldn’t allow any of the guys have their bath because she Tacha was bathing. Eh, who dares to mess with the Queen! While some of the guys in the dressing room kept their cool about Tacha’s missile words, Ike was angry asking Tacha to at least show some respect.

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A Silent Response?

Because Frodd didn’t say a word (remember the saying, silence is the best answer for a fool?), Tacha became enraged hurling verbal missiles at him. She called him all sorts of names like “stupid”, “idiot” “multi-coloured human being”. However peppery these words were, Frodd kept his cool.

When Tacha came out of the bathroom, she started to abuse Frood the more, as though her earlier expressions were like a preamble. As she peppered the mute Froidd with very powerful abusive words, to the extent of referring him back home, Frodd came out of the bathroom not saying a single word. This seemed to surprise other Housemates who were probably expecting him to come out in full force charging at Tacha. A few minutes later, all went silent.

Then suddenly Tacha started again, this time, using very powerful expressions that could hurt even the gentlest of human beings. She said that Frodd should feel lucky to be in the same place with her, as on a normal day she was too big a person to have anything to do with her. Hmmm, on fire!

While this verbal exchange went on unstopped, the other housemates were there looking on, there was not even a single utterance by anyone of them. Could they be afraid of Tacha? Or were they just minding their business?

Considering Tacha’s choice of words and the determined manner with which she expressed them, can we see a case of someone waiting for this chance, as if there had been a misunderstanding earlier on.

See the drama here.

A Win For Jackye

A test of lyrical depth eventually put Jackye on the map of winners.

After a long battle that spanned the entire day, Jackye hard work and lyrical prowess paid off as she won the Pepsi Know Da Lyrics challenge.

The Prep

In the garden, they were seen rehearsing, singing their chosen songs. We saw an American-tongue Mike struggling to get the words correctly. Going over and over the songs, Mike was not letting go of his resolve to show us what he’s got. Not even food could make him waiver about this Task, as he was seen singing the songs several times until Mercy and Diane came to his rescue regarding his pronunciation of “Olu omo”. He was rehearsing Teni’s ‘Case’.

Even when HoH Esther gathered all of them in the Lounge, Mike wouldn’t stop rehearsing the songs with the others looking at him in amazement. Then Esther announced that all lyrics with them should be placed into the Pepsi box provided in the Diary Room as instructed by Biggie. But she later collected the cards from them to put in the box on their behalf, as the HoH, you know.

The Performance

It’s time for the challenge and as instrumentals to the five songs played in the background, each of them was called out to perform his part. After a few minutes of relaxation in the garden, the Housemates gathered again in the Lounge by Biggie.

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When the challenge began, the Housemates put up their best show. But unfortunately for Mercy, Khafi and Sir Dee, Biggie wasn’t impressed. They were disqualified for singing when it wasn’t yet their turn. This didn’t go well with Mercy as she went into the room weeping. It took the interference of Tuoyo and Nelson who pet her before she finally calmed down. But no sooner had the two left when she started again. She wouldn’t leave the bed until her lovely Ike showed up. Other Housemates came to meet them at the dressing room where they all gave reassuring words.

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After about 30 minutes break, the second phase of the challenge began. For not singing their own part of the songs properly, Tacha and Thelma were disqualified. While Tacha saw the disqualification as one of those things, Thelma was sad. In her words, “Which of the challenges have I ever won? But just when I thought I got this…” This was followed by Frodd, Ike and Gedoni’s. Then, Esther, Mike, Tuoyo, and Omashola were also out of the race.


Jeff, Diane, and Nelson were the first to get dropped from the final round leaving Seyi and Jackye to slug it out. Ending initially in a tie, Seyi and Jackye had no choice but to continue till there was a last (wo)man standing. A keenly contested challenge saw Jackye being announced as the Winner. Her winnings include 1.5 million Naira and a 4-day all-expense paid VVIP trip to One Africa Music fest in Dubai.

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What Games Are They Playing?

Let’s play a game and we shall call it- predict their strategies.

Sometimes, their game plans are glaring but other times, we have to dig deep to get the true gist about them. If you ask the Housemates up for Eviction -Frodd, Mike, Seyi, Tacha and Tuoyo what’s their strategy in Biggie’s House, we can’t guarantee they will give it up on a platter but hey, that won’t stop us from guessing. So come with us as we try to predict what they are really up to in this Pepper Dem season of Big Brother Naija.

Frodd – The Flood

Do you think you’ve been through it all? Then you haven’t met Frodd. For every situation in life, Frodd has a tale to tell. The way he weaves his stories to fit every experience is enough to raise eyebrows. If there is a competition for who has suffered most in life, Frodd will win unopposed.

What about the tears? turning on the waterworks is a breeze for him as he has done so quite a number of times. What he is telling us? that he is a man who isn’t shy to express his feelings even if it meant being ridiculed by a continent? Well, if banking on emotions to connect with other Housemates is his plan, we can’t tell if that is working. We just have to cross our legs, take a dose of chill pills and find out.

Tuoyo- The Tease

For someone who is a part-time stripper, other than stripping on Saturday Nights, Tuoyo hasn’t unveiled a lot about himself to us. In a way, that raises a lot of questions in our minds.

Remember when he asked Biggie for flowers? Was he planning to add florist as one of his professions or was it for a secret crush in the House? This big question still remained, as we never saw who got the flowers. Is his master plan pretending to be open and friendly to all the Housemates? We can’t say what he is up to but one thing we can all agree on is that Tuoyo hasn’t stripped away his scheme for us to ogle at. If and when he does, we will be at the front seat to get a firsthand view.

Sey i- The Stalwart

Who else noticed that Seyi is always in the forefront of affairs in the House? Mention a pressing issue that other Housemates can’t resolve and Seyi would give a speech about it, complete with solutions and a cabinet of ministers to see the resolutions through.

Apart from being diplomatic and loving to maintain peace, Seyi seems to give us the vibes that he is a man for the people. A notable example was when he refused to use his Veto Power to Save himself which made Biggie ban him from participating in all Veto Power games. Is his grand design to be the sage other Housemates look up to whenever there is a storm brewing?

Mike- Minister of Hard Work

If you need advice on how to make it in life, then your one-stop shop is Mike. With Mike, hard work is the watchword. The way he preps for every Task is like he is gunning to win a medal in the Olympics.

Asides being persistent, he also displays a kind side as he once offered to give Omashola his Bet9ja Coins. Despite all of these, we can’t put a finger on what he is playing at and we can’t help but wonder if he will give everything up for a plate of a delicious meal.

Tacha- Madam Blunt

If you notice that she is the only lady on this list, it is because Tacha believes that there should be a woman represented at every table. Yet, with her belief, she hasn’t Nominated a female for Eviction in the House. How strange is that?

What of the way she brings up her business at every opportunity? With the way she has talked about her wares with every Housemates on the show, Biggie won’t be wrong to collect advertising fees from her. In a conversation with Ike, Tacha confidently said that even if she sleeps every day, she’s going to be here till the 99th day. So, which one is her blueprint  – sleeping or showcasing entrepreneurial prowess? We will have to wait until the 98th day to find out.

Nothing is cast in stone. Whatever strategies they might have planned; the game will decide.

Post Loss Blues

Nobody likes to lose.

Loss has a way of taking a toll on the bravest of hearts. It slips in quietly and slowly overwhelms you. Majority of the Housemates experienced the pain of losing out on 1.5 million Naira and a 4-day all-expense paid VVIP trip to Dubai and it did take a toll on them. A couple was able to brush it off while some sulked.

Get Over It

Omashola and Seyi took turns consoling Thelma after getting disqualified from the Pepsi ‘Know Da Lyrics’ Challenge. Feeling down on her luck after dropping out in the second phase of the challenge, Thelma kept to herself sulking until the duo of Omashola and Seyi put in the extra effort to lift her mood. Omashola, who had also lost out, reminded her it was all for fun and nothing to be sad over. Resolved to make her feel better, he dragged her off her feet and urged her to go get the meal made by Mercy that all the Housemates kept raving about.

1563402763 56 screenshot 2019 07 17 at 6.02.05 pm

Losers Lounge

Frodd, Gedoni, Omashola, and Thelma, obviously still hurt from losing out on the challenge hurdled in the garden as they tried to distract themselves from the fact that a choice prize just slipped out of their hands. Mercy was spotted not too far off wrapped in the arms of her man. She didn’t win the prize, but at least, she has a man to take away the blues.

Consoling the Finalists

Jeff, Diane, and Nelson needed all the consoling they could get especially after coming so close to the prize. The trio made it to the final round alongside Seyi, Jackye after an intense battle. The trio showed their lyrical prowess as they sang their way to the final spot only to lose out for not singing their lines correctly. Housemates gathered around them to cheer them up.

One Winner

In the battle for 1.5 Million, a trip to and a 4-day all-expense paid VVIP trip to Dubai, there can only be one winner and Jackye was that winner. If there’s a Housemate who needed consoling, it was Seyi. Losing out on HoH, getting Nominated for Eviction and finally losing to Jackye, it certainly hasn’t been his week.

Watch the heartbreak as Jackye sings her way to Victory

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