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From Seyi, Tacha’s fake Eviction to Tuoyo Leaving the House – Here’s all the Scoop from #BBNaija Day 21



Trouble In Pepper Dem Paradise

After the party comes the problems.

After the Saturday Night Party, the Pepper Dem Housemates had some altercations that we couldn’t look away from. Join us as we delve into the sauce properly.

Rough Patch

Seems like our Merike ship is undergoing some turbulence as the pair are not on good terms. It all started at the Saturday Night Party when Mercy was seen dancing closely with Tuoyo. This didn’t go down well with the gangsta as Ike went ahead to have a ‘man to man’ chat with Tuoyo – to back off. Later on, Mercy made snide comments about her boo as she said, “that’s how f*ck boys behave”.

Ike too didn’t hide his displeasure as he told Omashola that he doesn’t care anymore if Mercy was giving him a nasty attitude. Ike further revealed that Mercy complained about loving his cigarettes more than he loves her. What can we say? Will the love which has blossomed between these two wither in the days to come?

Eyes On The Prize

It was not only Merike that felt the heat as Frodd also had a change of mood in the House. As we know, when Frodd is unhappy, the waterworks are not far. The Frodd issue started at the party when Esther curved him and went dancing with Nelson. This move by Esther cut Frodd deeply as he was not himself – from the party to after the party.

Thanks to the Pepper Dem in-house advisor – Sir Dee, who helped him straighten the situation with his words of wisdom. He told Frodd to keep his eyes on the prize as it was the ultimate thing they came for. Tuoyo on his part also gave Frodd a solidarity hug to keep him firm.

Still, on the matter, Sir Dee had a one-on-one chat with Nelson to determine if he was the cog in the wheel of love between Esther and Frodd. Here’s what Nelson told Sir Dee “I can’t force Esther to like him”.

With this conclusion, is it safe to tell Frodd to deal with his rejection quickly?

1563684803 34 frodd consoled

Drink Responsibly

Tacha turned the spice on Mike and other guys in the House when Mike splashed a piece of Tuoyo’s birthday cake at her. “Shut up Mike”, she screamed at him when Mr “MC Oluomo” tried explaining the situation to her.

Miss ‘No Nonsense’ didn’t take it easy as she hurled insults and derogatory words at him. According to her, the guys were drunk and if they had heeded to the warning and drank responsibly, they would have been in full control of the situation.

Omashola who counted himself as “one of the guys” Tacha referred to, decided to reply Tacha. In his words – “Tacha, be specific when you are mentioning guys oh”. Evidently, he didn’t take it that Tacha was generalizing and he felt he needed to clear the air. We can’t really say who won that round as it was a quarrel to the finish.

Another Volcano Erupts

Hot lava spewed freely when Thelma faced Omashola in a battle of words. The cause of the earthquake originated when Omashola attempted to enter the shower room as Thelma took a bath. Volcano Thelma erupted and it was another round of unpalatable words for Omashola. To show that she was greatly displeased with him, Thelma made it known that this was the last time she was going to respect him as he had not acted responsibly. It’s like last night was not Omashola’s night oo.

Please Forgive Me

Omashola realized he had offended a “deity” and so he screamed his apology to Thelma. Unfortunately, Thelma was having none of it as she was worried that Omashola might have had a glimpse of her in her birthday suit. All attempts by the Warri brother to smoothen ruffled feathers fell on deaf ears, as Thelma refused to be appeased. From the bathroom to the sitting room, to the bedroom to the kitchen, Thelma was unwilling to budge and we can’t help but wonder if Omashola hasn’t bitten off more than he can chew.

With this interesting ‘after-party’, don’t you look forward to the next Saturday Night Party?

The Morning After

After the heat comes the cold – this is the case of what transpired after a heated night in the Pepper Dem House.

The Eviction Padding

It may seem as though the fear of Eviction crept on the Nominated Housemates this morning as they were seen waking up early to pack their bags in preparation of the Eviction night. While the “safe” Housemates were sleeping away the drama last night brought, Seyi and Mike were packing away their stuff.

Getting Glammed Up

One of the best things about Sunday mornings (asides having a lazy day) is when Darling Nigeria and Mega Growth Nigeria come together to make magic on the Nominated Housemates. Today, as he renewed his subscription in the Sweet Boys Association, Seyi couldn’t stop admiring himself after getting a nice trim from the glam crew.

1563719563 34 megagrowth

Let’s Shop Away!

We can all agree that one thing the Pepper Dem gang know how to do best is eat! Well, Christmas came early for the Housemates as they had their first food shopping session in the House today. For some, having a bottle of beer is more important than a bowl of rice – which was evident in the way they hurriedly went through the beer catalogue.

The smiles on their faces could not be missed as they happily took turns to buy certain food items from the selection provided – Courtesy of Bet9ja.

1563719625 34 shop away

Patching Things Up

Following the stormy weather the MerIke ship faced last night, Mercy and Ike decided to let go of the past and focus on the beautiful things ahead of their relationship. Being their first official fight as a couple, we can’t wait to see other MerIke moments this pair will be dishing.

As tonight’s Eviction moment draws near, we reckon there’ll be more peppery moments to come.

The Pepper Dem Showstoppers

What’s the Pepper Dem Saturday Night Party without these party rockers?

When singing the ‘party rockers’ anthem, it would be unfair to leave out the consistent party moments we always look forward to in the House.

The Fashion Killers

We can all agree that one thing we usually look forward to is the Housemates’ peppery outfit collections at the Saturday Night Parties. From the “Dress Like A Celebrity” to the “Freestyle your Style” themes, Mercy, Tacha, Ike, Mike, and Sir Dee have proven themselves worthy to be members of the Pepper Dem gang.

1563715061 25 outfit

The Strip Tease

Our resident part-time stripper who never fails to tear it on the dancefloor has constantly kept us glued to our screens with his many stripper talents.

*Side note: The ladies always seem to look forward to this – Mercy and Diane can affirm (*wink).

1563715128 34 strip

The Gbe Body E Performers

Thelma, Khafi, and Frodd are sitting pretty on this table. No Saturday Night Party goes by without these Housemates dishing some dance moves as they get cheered on by their fellow Pepper Dem gang members.

Not Just A Pretty Face

Nothing makes the Pepper Dem party more beautiful than Khafi, Mike, Diane and Esther showing us what they have beneath their pretty faces. Getting their groove on while on the dancefloor comes as effortless as the smiles they bring to the party.

Oh did we forget to put Sir Dee on this list?

We would list names but you already know what we mean… Interestingly, it took us by surprise when we saw a member of this group on their feet all through last night’s party. Things are definitely getting hotter in the Pepper Dem House.

1563715255 25 jac

The After Party Mischief

Let’s take a deep breath before analyzing the level of shenanigans the Pepper Dem Housemates have brought to our screens. We can’t easily forget the man-drama that happened between Ella and Mercy last Saturday night as they fought over keeping Ike’s space in the garden – to which Mercy sternly warned Ella to “find another man wey dey single”. Well, whether it was the alcohol or the love in her eyes, Mercy wasn’t shy to mark her territory.

We sure can’t forget the Bet9ja Coins wahala that occurred after the Pepper Dem gang’s first Saturday Night Party – where Omashola’s Coins were stolen. It’s surprising how we still haven’t found the Coin thief. Or have we?

Last night, there was trouble in paradise as the Housemates all had turns getting served with whatever trouble the night brought. Even Mike wasn’t left out. We hope he doesn’t report the offender to MC Oluomo oo.

Stay Woke, It’s all a Game!

Let me answer all of your questions now. Does Esther just enjoy the attention? Is Gedoni playing with Khafi? Is Seyi just playing the game?

Does Esther Just Like the Attention?

Before I begin please know that I stan a winning queen! Weldone Esther on shaping these Housemates into a bunch of winners. Now we all have different methods and yours were, uhm, interesting but hey a win is a win sis!

It’s obvious that Esther doesn’t want Frodd, the babe wants Nelson and you only need one eye to know that. That being said, even after she rejected she was very friendly towards him. I mean the man likes you, Esther, you have put him through heartbreak for the world to see but he is still in your corner, so maybe don’t grind on him at the party then go sleep with Nelson. I honestly think that queen Esther likes attention and likes to be liked.

Khafi Open Your Eyes!

Where do we even start? The Khafi and Gedoni ship was sailing so successfully that we decided a name, Khadoni. Outside the House we all knew that KimOprah and Gedoni used to date so even though we shipped Khadoni, we’ve been wary of Gedoni’s intentions with Khafi. No judgment because this is a game and he has to play it but was he intentionally or unintentionally using Khafi to get KimOprah back?

I’m no relationship expert but Gedoni was way too distraught when KimOprah was Evicted. I get that KimOprah gave him Bet9ja coins, but I have borrowed money from a lot of people and I would not wail the way that Gedoni did if they even left the country! All I’m saying is I smell a rat and that rat is Gedoni’s affection for Khafi.

I don’t know what pains me more, the fact that Khafi said her heart was arrested on Day 15 in front Africa or the fact that police officer Khafi knows the truth but is blinded by that good looking man. Anyways this is the drama I signed up for, I’m watching this ship sail straight into a giant iceberg with a large glass of wine, who is with me?

Is it just a game Seyi?

Seyi won became the Veto Power Holder but declined to use his power of Save and Replace. He wowed me, but I have three questions, was this a strategy, is he truly such a kind human being or is he a mumu? I have watched Seyi and I think he is a genuinely kind human being, but not this kind o, I have also heard him speak sense so I know he is not a mumu.

So that only leaves strategy, I don’t know what game this man is playing but I am here for it! These Housemates always Nominate safe because they are scared to offend fanbases so they always Nominate the Veto Power Holder so that they don’t have to be the bad guy. Seyi flipped it for them and now they have to Nominate how they really want to Nominate. Go Seyi!

I need to head out, I’m late for lunch but let’s catch up on Twitter shall we? We still have to talk about Diane and those 27 Merike kisses!

It’s all a Game

The Fake Eviction Vibes

Tuoyo was Evicted from the BBNaija House while Seyi and Tacha were fake-Evicted and kept in the Secret Room.

It’s the third Eviction Sunday and our host with the most, Ebuka, never ceases to dazzle us with his taste for a high classic dress sense. Beyond his adornment, our man was prepared to show us what an unpredictable Game Big Brother Naija is. For the first time, we got to see the Secret Room where two of the Nominated Housemates that were fake-Evicted are kept, unknown to the others. We were wondering how that was going to play out.

The Fake Eviction

Ebuka asked Seyi and Mike to stand up, and to our surprise, he asked Mike to sit and then announced that Seyi had been Evicted. There was shock and horror amongst Housemates who couldn’t believe that Seyi would be leaving them too soon. Ebuka then asked TachaFrodd, and Tuoyo to stand up, and the House went dead. When it was Tacha’s turn to be fake-Evicted, the tension in the House went up. But here was the shocker:

Our Tacha was so confident that the Eviction cup would pass over her. When Ebuka announced her Eviction, she looked unperturbed and even refused to reciprocate other Housemates’ consolation hugs. Reluctantly, she went to the door when Biggie announced that she must leave within 10 seconds.

Seyi and Tacha were fake Evicted – meaning that we will not see them in the House but they are not going home. Big Brother has decided to put them in a Secret Room where they have no idea what is going on – and neither do the other Housemates. Biggie to always come up with twists that will completely jerk us off from our expectations.

1563741373 34 am bb4 tuoyo.jpgtacha seyi


As this went on, Tuoyo was seen in the room with other Housemates crowded round him jubilantly. He was raising his hands up, grateful that he had been saved. But the Housemates were soon shocked when Ebuka declared him Evicted from Biggie’s House.

1563741310 34 am bb4 tuoyo.jpga


The Shock

Housemates were mostly in shock about three Evictions in one night. We wonder how Seyi and Tacha’s Eviction will change the dynamics of the Game. As for our resident stripper, it’s really goodbye to him. What is a Saturday party without him?

Here’s the fake Eviction video.

Khafi Is The New VPH

The Veto Power Holder for this week is Khafi, having picked the right object in the VPH Game of Chance.

The Big Brother Naija Pepper Dem gang have started to miss three of their fellow Housemates whom, to them, have been Evicted. Interestingly, for Seyi and Tacha, the other Housemates have no idea that they are in the Secret Room chilling. But Eviction or not, Biggie needed them to know their VPH for this week. The Veto Power Holder has the power to save and replace any Housemate Nominated for Eviction.

As Biggie keeps coming up with tricks upon tricks, the simple Task that would turn up to be the Veto Power Game of Chance was announced after the Housemates were gathered in the lounge taking their dinner.

1563749430 34 screenshot 2019 07 21 at 10.40.02 pm

They were asked to pick two out of the 28 objects in the bucket one of the two Ninjas was holding. The other Ninja held the object that signified the VPH win. All the Housemates came forward but Khafi got lucky for picking the right object. Then the HoH, Esther read-aloud that she had won the VPH and 100 Bet9ja Coins.

Congrats to the ever lively Khafi!

1563749493 34 am bbn s4 khafi.jpgb

With Khafi’s VPH win, do we expect another lady HoH? We shall see.

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