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Who Won The Trophy? Get the Scoop of What Went Down on #BBNaija Day 6



Day 6: Green Gets The Trophy

Green team wins!

It was a cheerful scene as the Housemates walked into the Arena for the first time marking the beginning of the Bet9ja Arena Games. Apart from the excitement of finally getting into the Arena, seeing their faces painted on the walls of the Arena also made the Housemates erupt in joyful celebration as they eagerly rushed in.

Welcoming them to the Bet9ja Arena, Biggie stated that the Arena doors will be opened for fitness and exercise from next week Monday, on selected mornings. These sessions were mandatory and all Housemates must be present or risk punishment.

On to The Games

In line with the usual Big Brother tradition, Housemates will be competing in the Bet9ja Arena Games every Friday evening until their time runs out in the House. Housemates get to compete as individuals or as teams, depending on what Biggie decides and there will be Bet9ja coins at stake every Game Night.

Shall We Play!

The three Teams all completed the Game setting different records with the Green Team setting the best time record and the Red team coming in a close second. The Course which had seven challenges was completed like a relay.

1562381483 56 screenshot 2019 07 05 at 9.13.56 pm

False Start

Not understanding the Rules gave the White Team an opportunity to start afresh with Jeff kicking off the challenge by shooting a ball through the Basketball hoop. Although he missed the first few times, he was able to get his composure and get the Game going. After enduring six more challenges that included a penalty kick, bouncing the ball on a tennis racket, rolling the ball into a square, golf challenge, a high jump and a final sprint towards the Finish line. In the end, they were able to finish in 1:55 minutes.

Clumsy shots

Gedoni missed a lot of his shots into the Basketball hoop, but eventually overcame and pushed the Red Team to complete the course in 1:51 seconds.

The Last Becomes First

The Green Team were the last to participate and from the look of determination on Omashola’s Face, you could tell they were going for the title. Making his first shot at the first attempt, Omashola set up the Team for a finish in record time and become the Winner of the first Bet9ja Arena Games.

1562381425 56 screenshot 2019 07 05 at 9.38.34 pm


For emerging Winners of the Bet9ja Friday Arena Challenge, the Green Team walked away with 100 Bet9ja Coins for each of the Team members. Up next were the Red Team members who each received 70 Bet9ja Coin for coming in 2nd place. The White Team which unfortunately came in last didn’t receive any Bet 9ja Coins

With the fate of some of the Housemates hanging on how much Bet 9ja Coins they had, some had a reason to rejoice as they earned themselves additional Coins. For some, the pain of losing and the threat of Eviction might push them to desperate measures. “I’ll beg, Hustle or steal to get this money,” Ike murmured. Clearly, this weekend is going to be interesting.

Watch the Green Team win the First Bet9ja Arena Games Trophy.

Between The Peppered And The Watered

For their different roles in BBNaija so far some of the Housemates have been categorised below.

It’s already Day 6 in Biggie’s House and in a few hours now, it’ll be a week since the Pepper Dem Gang have been serving us raw spices to bite. You bet, the heat is just getting started. But before we get our tongues stung harder than we’ve experienced so far, let’s have a cup of coffee over these two major categories of our Housemates: the peppered and the watered.

Let Me Pass a Wet Ground

Heard the saying that, to walk on a wet earth you must first have sprinkled it some water? Yes o. Could this be the case between Mercy and Ike these couple of days? But the question seems to be, who’s chasing after whom? Could the gorgeous Mercy have been so magnanimous with words that she could go as far as telling the astonished Ike, “Touching is free”? We wonder what Gedoni would feel if this film had happened before his very eye. But wait o, is Mercy mesmerised by Ike’s charming look and hefty chest already?

As for our spectacled, classy-looking Tacha, who has suddenly begun to shake off any act of subverting the power of the ladies in the House, the BBNaija men would need more than watering the floor. Our fierce lady seems ready to step even on hot floor, no thanks to Biggie’s Eviction announcement. Who could have thought that the ladies, who were once feeling like queens as the men handled the chores, would now start challenging Jeff for side-lining them in House Tasks.

E Dey Pepper You?

I like am or I no like am, e dey pepper you? That’s Ella for you. That babe seems to have lots of pepper to unleash on any Housemate who dares cross her path. Saw the way she served it hot to Diane yesterday over dirty dishes? Yes, she’s got the vibe. Would she even mind if you were the HoH, if you happened to step on her nerves? Sure, she would, Eviction is calling lol. Also peppery in Biggie’s House is Isilomo. Despite her calculated steps, like her Day One cuddle with Frodd whom she now finds irritating or her butt-shaking by the pool so far, she’s one Housemate we are patiently waiting for some of the hottest spices this Season. Hopefully, now that the race for Bet9ja Coins has begun, the moment is near.

Con Out of Coins

No thanks to Biggie, the Pepper Dem Gang seem like babies just woken from their slumber. As interesting as the indifference of some of the Housemates to the Bet9ja Coins has been, it seems many of them have started to take it personal o. Hardly hard Biggie struck the Housemate with his Eviction bombshell than we’ve begun to notice some scheming especially among the Housemates with little or no Coins. Hmmm, do you blame them? Na like this dem go dey dey? Call it the Eviction Fever, and you wouldn’t miss. With this heat in the air, we can’t wait to see who’ll be the first to be coned out of his/her Coins in the House.

Yes o!

With Eviction fever in the air, we really can’t wait to see what plans the Housemates are hatching.

Here’s what the Housemates were up to after the Eviction announcement.

Light Fingers Already?

It’s all about Bet9ja Coins as Eviction night creeps up on the Housemates.

Things have started to go South in the House following Biggie’s announcement on the Eviction coming up on Sunday. Some of the Big Brother Housemates are not leaving things to chance as they had an early morning talk on safekeeping their Bet9ja Coins.

1562417904 34 screenshot 2019 07 06 at 1.15.12 pm

Let Us Clarify Things

Jeff, Frodd, Ella, Mike, Nelson had a mild argument on what could be stolen- keys to the safe or the Bet9ja Coins. To be clear on the matter, Frodd asked Jeff for the instruction on the Bet9ja Coins Biggie sent to the House when they first arrived. When he retrieved it, he read it out for clarification and it was established that the keys can be stolen at any time.  Do we have to tell you what happens to the Housemate whose key gets stolen?

On the other hand, Khafi said if any of Housemate goes through other Housemates belongings and take their Coins, then that’s stealing and not finding. Wouldn’t it be nice to see Khafi be a Cop sometime in the House? Frodd was of the opinion that stealing Coins was demeaning and he has a reputation to protect outside the BBNaija House. Will he stick to this as things get spicy in the House?

1562414928 34 screenshot 2019 07 06 at 10.22.32 am

Lost and Found

Frodd assured them that if he found any Coins, he would return it to the owner as he wasn’t in the House to kill himself. For him, it’s all about fun. Is Frodd playing saint or what?

Unholy Alliance

Don’t you feel Ike is up to something? When he was in the kitchen with Frodd, he sought counsel on how to double his Coins. Frodd told him to use his head that he might get more Coins. Later on, he was spotted with Tacha in the sitting room talking about multiplying his Coins. Between the two of them, they were able to hatch a plan. He told Tacha that even though most of the Housemates keep their Coin on them, it will be easy for them to lose guard during the Saturday Night Party and that will be his window of opportunity. Tacha encouraged him to go for the kill during the Party and he should do his ‘thing’ well. Ike told us he has a heart but does he really? Or is the Pepper getting too hot for him?

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