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Learn How Bayo & Victoria provide Health Coverage for Their Parents while making Affordable Monthly Payments



Bayo always dreaded the end of the month; for someone with a good job at one of Nigeria’s biggest conglomerates and an enviable six-figure salary, this never made sense to his friends but Bayo knew why he dreaded month ends. His parents were back in Ogbomosho, and like clockwork every month, his young cousin, Aduke, who took care of them would call for monthly upkeep money. Out of this, a large sum went towards paying for visits to the local hospital in Ogbomosho where the doctor would carry out regular medical checks and provide drugs and treatments as needed by the elderly couple for their respective ailments.

This monthly ritual was burning a hole in Bayo’s pocket, but unfortunately for him, there seemed to be no solution in sight. Despite the premium health insurance coverage he enjoyed as a brand manager which gave him a choice of fine hospitals and doctors to attend to his medical needs, Bayo could not sign his parents up to enjoy his insurance coverage and had to continue paying out of pocket to cover the costs of taking care of his parents.

Victoria, Bayo’s older sister, did not so much dread month end, but she too had grown tired of the monthly calls from Aduke asking her to send hard-earned dollars home from Atlanta to cover the cost of treatments and drugs for their parents. The costs to both of them ran into almost two million Naira each year, and though they had discussed getting health insurance coverage for their parents, the one-time premium payment required by HMOs was just too high to drop at a go.

Until Victoria received a WhatsApp forward from an old friend from high school and fortunately opened it. The message was about a new service provider CREDEQUiTY who were offering a simplified and installment payment option for health insurance and other services. Partnering with Hygeia HMO, CREDEQUiTY offered monthly payment options of ₦2,950 or ₦5,850 to members to access coverage of up to ₦500, 000 or ₦850, 000 respectively and access to a choice of private hospitals. All they needed to do was to sign up using a simplified online form and pay two months upfront. “This just solves our problem,” thought Victoria and she promptly dialed Bayo’s number with the good news.

The plans from CREDEQUiTY solved a real problem. Aduke, her 2 brothers plus her Mum were signed up by Bayo for N2,950 per month each, while Victoria took care of Mum and Dad. Dad has been suffering from Hypertension and Diabetes for a while so needed a more comprehensive plan at N24,000. Mum was fine so CREDEQUiTY’s Senior Mini Plan at N9,000 was perfect! Victoria was debited the N33,000 at each month’s end for their parents allowing herself and Bayo peace of mind, rest assured their parents were receiving quality healthcare.

It has been months now; Bayo and Victoria remain eternally thankful to that high school friend who shared the good news of CREDEQUiTY with them. Taking care of their old parents no longer puts a strain on their pockets and they can both save up for their personal bills and commitments while making small monthly contributions towards health insurance premiums for Mom and Dad. Their parents too love visiting the newly-built private hospital in Ogbomosho and Victoria continues to share how CREDEQUiTY helped her better manage her finances with friends and other family members. You too can experience affordable health insurance here.

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  1. Aderayo

    July 10, 2019 at 1:40 pm

    This sounds like a very great product. Will check it out for my old folks


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