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Frodd is Head of House & Jeff, Omashola, Mike & Tacha are up for Possible Eviction on #BBNaija Day 29



Post Eviction Sensations

Following the Eviction of Nelson and Thelma, the Pepper Dem gang were faced with different reactions in the House.

The Tears

It was not surprising seeing Esther shed a tear for Nelson after he was Evicted from the House. What we did not see coming was the weeping session she had. She just couldn’t keep the tears from flowing. We hope she’ll find comfort in the arms of her other Housemates, knowing fully well that the game just got tighter and she needs all the strength she can get.

Shoulders to Cry On

After minutes of burying herself under her duvet sheets, Esther found comfort in the arms of Tacha and Khafi who did not fail to help her turn her sobs to giggles.

Could this be a sisterhood bond to rival that of Mercy and Diane?

The After Party Reunion

Mercy and Gedoni decided to settle their fight, following the drama that ensued between them last night. A regretful Mercy said she was only trying to protect her friend, Diane and did not know when things went beyond her control.

Gedoni, on the other hand, was able to lay down his apologies as he said, “Me playing the game is not in the bid to get you Evicted”.

Cold Frodd?

While Khafi and Tacha were seen consoling Esther by trying to put a smile on her face, Frodd walked into the garden and walked past without wasting a second glance at her.

Could it be that his feelings for her have gone down the drain? What happens now that Nelson is out of the picture? We’ll find out.

The Rubber Prank

A prank had the Housemates suspecting each other as the likely culprit.

Except for Esther, the rest of the House were in a cheerful mood this morning. No wonder it was the best time to pull a prank on unsuspecting Housemates.

Whose Rubber is this?

In an elaborate hoax, Diane, Mercy, and Ike decided to plant a semblance of a used condom in the kitchen bin and toilet. The prank swung into motion this morning when Diane pretended to find it and draw the attention of the other Housemates to it. Having excused the most likely usual suspects (Khadafi), Housemates jokingly accused each other of being responsible. It would have been a successful prank if Ike had listened to Mercy and being a little moderate with the content of the condom cause a few disbelievers like Frodd and Mike found the volume suspiciously more than usual. Seyi who believed the prank was quick to come up with the theory that Housemates were experiencing an increase in intimate arousal. In his words, “The spirit of ‘Konji’ has been unlocked.” The three pranksters eventually owned up to their prank claiming they initially wanted to plant one in Omashola’s locker.

The Repentant Bandits

Maybe it’s a change of heart or the distraught look Esther had since Nelson left, but the Coin Bandits aka ‘Icy’ have decided to return some of the Bet9ja Coins they stole to her. Although it took a while for them to decide how much to return, they eventually settled for 250 after a lot of haggling. Ike was initially worried if he returned the exact amount stolen, Esther would end up having a lot more Coins than she should. It took a little convincing and a few kisses from Esther to make Ike yield to give back 250. What do you think about this change of heart? Does this mean there will be less stealing in the House?

Concentration and Other Attempts to Stay Awake

The battle to stay awake has the Pepper Dem Gang inventing ingenious ways to stay awake during the day. Right after sharing stories of crazy exes and favourite boxers, they began the Concentration game. A few didn’t do too well in the game and they paid the price with crazy dares.

So far it’s been a good day and the Housemates appear to have adjusted to the recent Evictions. Could the joy of getting close to the price be the reason why or they just don’t care about the recently Evicted Housemates?

Frodd Is The Head of House

Luck has finally smiled on Frodd as he becomes the Head of House.

For the first time ever, Frodd becomes the Head of House of the Pepper Dem Gang. After an intense battle and eventual forfeiture by Jeff, Frodd emerged the HoH for this week.

The Balloon Challenge

The journey to becoming the HoH involved playing with balloons in the Arena. Housemates were to tie a single balloon that contained candies to their ankles. After this was done, they were to burst the balloons of other fellow Housemates. Once a Housemates’ balloon bursts, he or she is automatically out of the challenge.

Get Bursting

Tacha was the first to lose her balloon. Immediately the buzzer went off, Ike went straight for hers and didn’t stop till he heard that balloon pop. The challenge saw some of the Housemates getting slightly physical as they aggressively tried to burst each other’s balloon and claim the candies inside it. Jackye put up a good fight or maybe she just hid well and ended up making it to the last three standing Housemates. She had to contend with Jeff and Frodd for the final spot, but in a battle that required a lot of physical strength, she was no match. She couldn’t survive the tag-team effort of Frodd and Jeff as her balloon was popped almost immediately.

Final Showdown

With Jackye out, the Arena was set for the final showdown between Jeff and Frodd. It was quite an intense battle as they shoved and pushed each other with one goal in mind – burst the next man’s balloon. As the battle raged on, it was clear it was only going to get heated and even more physical. A 30 seconds timeout was called by Biggie giving both Housemates a chance to settle the quest for HoH amicably. In the end, Jeff dropped out giving Frodd the opportunity to become the Head of House.

The Winnings

As with all HoH, Frodd gets immunity from this week’s nomination, 250 Bet9ja coins and the privilege of the Head of House bedroom. When asked who he would like to share his bedroom privileges, he picked Mike. Not everyone saw that coming as people expected he would have gone for his obvious love interest in the House- Esther.

We were expecting tears of joy from Frodd, but it was a smile we got and we will take that. How do you think his reign will be in the House?

Watch Frodd’s Journey to Victory

The Nominations Are In

Jeff, Omashola, Mike, and Tacha are up for possible Eviction.

Jeff, Omashola, Mike, and Tacha have been Nominated by their fellow Housemates for possible Eviction.

After Biggie put all the Housemates on the Eviction block last week, the Pepper Dem gang didn’t know what stunt Big Brother might pull as they strolled into the Diary Room to make their selection.

Here’s how they Nominated.

Housemates Who They Nominated
Jeff Tacha and Sir Dee
Mike Seyi and Tacha
Esther Jeff and Omashola
Sir Dee Ike and Omashola
Khafi Jackye and Esther
Tacha Jeff and Gedoni
Diane Jeff and Seyi
Omashola Mike and Ike
Seyi Jeff and Tacha
Mercy Mike and Omashola
Gedoni Mike and Jeff
Ike Jeff and Jackye
Jackye Jeff and Omashola
Frodd Jeff and Sir Dee

Twice In A Row

For the second time running, the Veto Power ‘Save and Replace’ has been canceled by Big Brother. The first time was when all the Housemates were Nominated for Eviction and the second time – when none of the Housemates won the Veto Power Game of Chance. Veto Power or not, one Housemate was saved from the Nomination list – Frodd, as he won the Head of House challenge today. If Jeff could predict the future, would he have conceded the HoH challenge to Frodd?

This is how The Nominated Housemates Ranked

Housemates Number of Nominations
Jeff Eight
Omashola Four
Mike Three
Tacha Three

Watch the Housemates make their Nominations

At least one Housemate will be Evicted during the Live Eviction Show on Sunday. Whose journey will be cut short in the Big Brother Naija House?

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