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Infinix Mobility wins Marketing Edge’s Award for Most Innovative Mobile Phone Brand of the Year

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A particularly trying time for the Nigerian economy has seen locally grown companies opt to re-establish in neighboring countries and other international companies re-evaluate the feasibility of investing in Nigeria. With this development, It seems fair to recognize and commemorate entities that have thrived and performed exceptionally well regardless of the Nigerian economic and Socio-political terrain.

This however makes the recognition of Infinix Mobility, a global leading smartphone brand as the most innovative mobile phone of the year at the National Marketing Stakeholders Summit & Brands and Advertising Excellence Award 2019 Laudable.

The National Marketing Stakeholders Summit & Brands and Advertising Excellence Award is an initiative of MARKETINGEDGE, a leading brand focused magazine with the aim of recognizing exceptional players within various sects of the Nigerian economy laying emphasis on brands paving way with their products and services.

Since Infinix Mobility launched in Nigeria in 2012, it has successfully been able to meet the mobile needs of its youthful target audience with exemplary technology at a really affordable rate giving Africa the power to be participants in this evenly growing global village. Imagine a country like Nigeria without affordable smartphones, to be left defense-less to the auspices of high priced brands rendering the benefits of Mobile tech elusive to the average Nigerian.

The Nigerian mobile ecosystem has evolved tremendously over the years with several brands joining the race to fuse latest smartphone technology innovation with lush aesthetics to make the perfect smartphone. and after series of successful product launches to continually make up on an impressive portfolio, Infinix Mobility has set the pace for excellence in the field of smartphone creation after becoming the most innovative mobile phone brand for the year 2019.

Infinix Mobility is one of the brands shaping the mobile industry integrating alluring lifestyle elements with cutting edge technology that enables the user to live the smart lifestyle. Having launched the amazing Infinix S4 with 32 A.I selfie camera in April 2019, sending ripples of excitement down the spines of tech enthusiasts. It is not surprising to see the brand attain milestones and receive recognition of this nature.


The year 2019 has seen Infinix Mobility affirm its status as Africa’s most elite smartphone brand and it leaves a lot to be expected from the ingenious smartphone maker in the coming months.

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