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Will Smith is the Face of Moncler’s Latest Fashion Campaign tagged “Genius Is Born Crazy”



Renowned Actor Will Smith has been unveiled as the face of Italian apparel and lifestyle company, Moncler‘s new Genius is Born Crazy campaign.

The brand which is most known for its down jackets and sportswear is using this new campaign to celebrate out of the box thinking and Will Smith definitely embodies that.

Speaking to WWD, the chief executive officer of Moncler; Remo Ruffini said,

I believe in the power of crazy, and I always give a chance to a crazy dream. The magic often happens somewhere beyond the ordinary, in the exploration of new horizons that only a few see before others follow. Long live the craziest intuitions when rigor and dedication are there to make them happen.

Headlining a fashion campaign is a first in Will’s lifelong career and he announced it via his Instagram page saying:

When I got the call from @Moncler that they wanted me to be THE FACE of a FASHION campaign I was like… “These jokaz must be CRAZY.” I’ve always dug their gear. So I listened to their ideas. Then I was like… “That might be GENIUS.” I started pondering the Relationship between Crazy & Genius and I got more & more intrigued. Real Dreamers ALWAYS get called Crazy! I started to wonder… “Are Geniuses born Crazy?! Or can we all get some? 🙂 #GENIUSISBORNCRAZY

Watch the teaser video below

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