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Emma Uchendu: 3 Important Things To Do After Your Job Interview

Being fully equipped on how to smash interview questions is great. However, knowing exactly what to do and the questions to ask at the end of the interview session are a plus. Most paramount, though, after all these have been done, are these five things below.



My friend Ade had called early last week to inform me he would be going for an interview. He had asked that I give him some tips and insights that could help him effortlessly scale through the interview session.

A week after, as he briefed me on how the interview went, the smile on his face revealed he did well. His performance, from his narration, was impressive. However, he was disturbed he hadn’t heard a word from the firm, and he lacked any information that could help him reach them.

It is so saddening being in a state of cluelessness after an interview. I know you must have experienced this before, right?

He forgot these three simple yet important things to do after an interview, and of course he must have also, out of excitement or fear, responded with a no when asked if he had any question.

Being fully equipped on how to smash interview questions is great. However, knowing exactly what to do and the questions to ask at the end of the interview session are a plus. Most paramount, though, after all these have been done, are these five things below.

While they might appear trivial, you will come to the realisation that they are not only useful when you find yourself in this kind of clueless state. Also, remember that last impression equals lasting impression, and it matters as much as first impression.

Now let’s get to business.

Congratulations! You successfully smashed the interview question like a pro. That’s nice. Now the hiring manager has finally given you an opportunity to ask him a question by either asking you if you have any questions, or pausing after he had exhausted his questions for the day.

Don’t just answer with a no and rush out of the room. Pause, take a breath, exhale. Yes, you are good. Now, this is a great opportunity to gather some information about the firm, their culture, and any other necessary details that would ease your stress and frustration while you wait for their feedback. Do not be in a haste to leave. Let’s take a look at the three expedient things to do after an interview.

Ask questions
Job interviews are mostly concluded with the hiring manager giving you an opportunity to speak or ask them questions. This is an opportunity to shine and learn about the job and company –  a time to emphasize your value and keenness to work with them.

It is also a time to gather the information you can’t find online about the company. So don’t say you don’t have any question to ask. Take advantage of the opportunity. Ask questions! Here are a few you can ask: Why is this position vacant? Is there any provision for on-the-job training? How is performance measured in the company and for this particular position? What are your expectations from the occupant of this position for the first thirty days?

Find out the next step
Most job applicants are likely to rush out of the interview hall without a clue of what to do or expect next. This is sad, as most of them end up being tense and depressed, especially when nothing is heard from the company about their performance and the position they interviewed for.

I trust you do not want to experience this, going home and finding out you have no clue as to what to do or expect next. So do not just rush out of the door. Find out what the next stage is.

Find out if there are documents you need to submit. Find out the best way to follow up with the interviewer. Ask if it’s okay to call or send an email if you don’t hear from them within three weeks. If it’s via call, get their number. If they prefer email, get the address. Gather information. This will save you from post interview stress and anxiety.

Send a thank you mail
Statistics have it that a job applicant who sends a thank you message or mail after an interview is likely to land the job, more than one who doesn’t. Why? Because these messages are likely to come at the time of overall applicants’ appraisal by the HR.

Thank you mails are also a great way to emphasise one’s keenness and strong desire for the job, and appreciate the interviewer for their time.

With these, I hope you won’t be clueless and depressed as to what next to do or expect after interviews.

Emma Uchendu is the founder of Stuch Accounting Services. A tech-savvy bookkeeping firm focused on providing sterling bookkeeping, accounting, tax, payroll management, inventory management, and accounting software solutions to small businesses in Nigeria at an affordable rate. Via its online shop, Stuch Accounting Services offers the needed accounting services & software solution that works for Nigerian small businesses. He is also passionate about providing sustainable solutions to unemployment & employability issues through his Startup Everitinjob Services Ng by helping job seekers land a job, kick off their career journey smoothly, and acquire valuable employability skills for the workplace through online and physical courses. Would you love to speak to Emma? Reach out via email: [email protected], [email protected]


  1. Presh Arthur

    August 8, 2019 at 5:51 pm

    Oil dey your head, thanks bro for sharing this

  2. Emma Uchendu

    August 8, 2019 at 9:58 pm

    Thank you too Presh Arthur for reading.

  3. Adenike

    August 9, 2019 at 5:45 pm

    Thankyou for this!!! It was very enlightening.

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