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Scarlett Johansson tops Forbes’ Highest Paid Actresses List for 2019



Scarlett Johansson

Forbes has revealed the highest paid actresses of 2019, with Scarlett Johansson, Sofia Vergara, Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston topping the list.

The list has Scarlett Johansson taking the top spot for the second year in a row making a total of $56 million.

While the second place goes to the only woman of colour on the list, Sofia Vergara, with an amount of $44.1 million. Reese Witherspoon takes third place with $35 million, followed closely behind by Nicole Kidman with $34 million.

See the top 10 list below:

1. Scarlett Johansson – $56 million
2. Sofia Vergara – $44.1 million
3. Reese Witherspoon – $35 million
4. Nicole Kidman – $34 milion
5. Jennifer Aniston – $28 million
6. Kaley Cuoco – $25 milion
7. Elisabeth Moss – $24 million
8. Margot Robbie – $23.5 million
9. Charlize Theron – $23 million
10. Ellen Pompeo – $22 million

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