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Check Out These Handy Travel Tips to Pack and Unpack This Season




Its half-way through the summer holidays and the last chance to pick up your bags and jet off to experience, explore, or simply unwind at some of the world’s coolest destinations.

Before you head out, we have highlighted a few tips to help you make safe, secure and seamless credit/debit card transactions anywhere and everywhere. It does not matter if you are an ‘Ajala’ or a ‘JJC’, these tips will help you while you are in ‘the abroad’.


See the following tips:

  • You should bookmark this page now! It’s full of gems that you would like to remember.
  • Pictures are important. After all, you have worked hard for that summer body. Take loads of selfies even with a stranger but not at the ATMs. Don’t allow any form of shoulder surfing and remember to cover the pin pad on the POS/ATM when entering your PIN.
  •  ‘Stories that touch’ is so 2015! Ensure your card is activated and has sufficient balance so you can avoid washing plates in “obodo’yibo”. Kick back, enjoy the meal and ensure a card terminal/POS is brought to your table at a restaurant or by going to the cashier to pay. Also, make sure you know the daily ATM withdrawal limit for your card. You do not want to be stranded in another man’s land.
  • Wear sunscreen and sunshades but remember to ‘shine your eyes’. Do not use an ATM or POS terminal if you notice any suspicious activities or devices attached to them.
  • We know sometimes you prefer to be discreet and have your out of office emails read “with no access to emails”, but ensure your bank officer knows where you will be. This will avoid any issues while processing transactions if you’re overseas. Share your correct phone numbers and e-mail addresses so the bank can contact you if necessary.
  • If you lose your card or it gets stolen, or you notice any unauthorized transactions, contact your bank immediately. See why you need to have your bank officer’s phone number stored on your phone?!
  •  Card payments are safer than cash. Look for the Visa logo at any point-of-sale terminal or ATM to ensure international payment cards are accepted. You can save a little more by ensuring that your card payments are made in the local currency of the country you are visiting. This gives you a competitive exchange rate.
  • You can always withdraw local currency at any ATM that is widely available. It is recommended to use ATMs at bank branches. You can find the nearest ATM here.
  • You can always contact the Visa Global Customer Care Assistance Services toll-free. The service is available in multiple languages. A list of local phone numbers is available here

Cheers to an amazing summer holiday; Stay safe!

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