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Elozonam & Ike take a Bow from The Show on #BBNaija Day 91



Emotional Revelations

We have had many after-party drama but tonight was championed by the ships in the House.

What is the Pepper Dem Party without the drama we often get from the Housemates? This time we got served doses of it by Mercy and Ike. It got so hot that bucket of tears was even shed.

Soothing Words

After every Saturday Party, the Icy pair has always entertained us with their moments of sweet words and lovey-dovey. Tonight was a little different as Mercy couldn’t hide her fears about their future together. To her, Ike might not be able to cater to her needs, most especially her family needs which she claimed might overwhelm him. Ike’s reply, in his soft speaking manner, was, “I won’t disappoint you.”

1569721738 34 screenshot 2019 09 28 at 11.15.38 pm

An Emotional Reminiscing  

We understand how much Mercy wished Ike could understand her. But the way she went all emotional about it tonight further heightened her fears. Worried if Ike could really take care of her, she told him, “I’m a big commodity.” A statement which we felt should hit Ike, but the resident good guy calmed her with reassuring words. Seeing her friend in tears, Diane felt concerned and joined her, taking turns to share her own experience. Talk about friendship goals.

1569721932 34 screenshot 2019 09 28 at 11.47.46 pm

We thought it was going to end there when suddenly Mercy burst into tears. She wouldn’t stop talking about her family background. She also wondered how he was going to cope with the pressure from her family. “My family will drain you crazy,” she told him. Whether this emotional outburst was booze-induced or borne out of genuine interest in the ship post-Big Brother, we might never know.

The Dialo Moment

As the Icy pair had their talk, the Dialo ship was also engaged in a moment of truth session. Elozonam told Diane why he was feeling reluctant to sleep on her bed. He said she slept on her arm which made him uncomfortable. As he went on with his explanations, Diane did not utter a single word. Well, it’s a good thing that these two had to chat to iron out their misunderstanding.

1569721647 34 screenshot 2019 09 28 at 11.16.00 pm

The after Party drama was a little different from our expectations tonight. Knowing that the show is drawing to a close, the Pepper Dem Gang are not ready to let loose their guards. But at least the pepper Served by Mercy and Ike in their dramatic conversation was enough to go by.

Warm-Up For The Exit

As the countdown to the final day in the House begins, the Pepper Dem Gang share how anxious they are and what they look forward to for the Finale.

The Pepper Dem Gang who seem fairly certain of being in the House till the 99th day are getting pretty anxious for the final day. From what they will wear to their hairdo and who they hope to see on the final day, the Pepper Dem Gang have big plans for the 99th day.

1569760035 56 screenshot 2019 09 29 at 12.14.59 pm

“I Really Want to See Everybody on That Day,” Omashola

Not only do they miss their family members and hope to see them at the finale, but they also miss their ex Housemates and look forward to a big reunion on the final day. It’s amazing how much they’ve come to cherish moments with some of the ex-Housemates they long to see in such a short time.

1569760098 56 screenshot 2019 09 29 at 12.16.38 pm

Looking Fresh for D-Day

“I wan cut punk,” Omashola said eagerly. Hopefully, the styling team heard him and make fulfil his request. He wasn’t the only one who wanted his hair done in a particular style for the finale, Frodd too wanted something unique. They also have their clothes picked out cause the finale won’t be the day they will be caught ‘unfresh’. Omashola had plans to wear his Warri native attire. We can’t wait to see what the other Housemates wear on that day.

The City Explorers

Like tourists, Frodd and Seyi first quest outside the House is to explore the city they’ve been away from for so long. From the local spots to the exquisite restaurants/clubs, they both reeled out all the places they plan on visiting the moment they step out of the House.  Mercy had no plans of missing out on the food rave Frodd and Seyi also planned on going on. “Make una dey call me and carry me go eat all these things,” she said, indicating her interest to tag along. It must have been the fish pepper soup Frodd described with so much passion that did the job of convincing her to join the merry team of food ravers.

1569760148 56 screenshot 2019 09 29 at 12.16.55 pm

Live Show: Elozonam And Ike Take A Bow

Tonight gave us a double Eviction as Elozonam and Ike took their last steps in the Pepper Dem journey.

One more Live Show and it’s the finale!

Mayor Of ClothesVille

Without saying too much, you all know Ebuka has indeed ruled when it comes to outfit goals. Tonight wasn’t different as he did what he knows how to do best, in his outfit from Ugo Monye. We wonder if Ebuka will let us have the cape he dropped on the stage, so we too can also drip with sauce.

1569785822 34 screenshot 2019 09 29 at 7.46.41 pm

‘Ragga’ With Seyi Shay

Sparking up the stage tonight was Seyi Shay. Opening the show with her song ‘Ragga Ragga’ the crowd couldn’t help but go down low as the beat washed over them. And when we thought we couldn’t go on, Seyi switched up the volts with ‘Gimme Love’ and ‘Right now’ as she wrapped up tonight’s Eviction show. Phew! That was the real definition of electric performance. Definitely, the Big Brother stage felt the Seyi Shay touch.

1569785934 34 screenshot 2019 09 29 at 8.29.14 pm

Conversation, The Ebuka Way

The chat we usually keep our fingers crossed for, came soon enough as Ebuka had ‘the talk’ with the Pepper Dem Gang.

Starting with Seyi unwrapping his week as Head of House, Ebuka asked Seyi how he claimed to have had a happy reign even with all the drama that happened this week. We reckon setting the record as the only Housemate to have earned the crown three times this Season made him happy this week.

For Mike, bagging the award as the worst lead role performance, will not stop his future acting career. He proudly revealed to Ebuka how he intends to add “actor” to his social media platforms. Yes Mike, sell yourself!

1569786042 34 screenshot 2019 09 29 at 7.20.46 pm

A First With C-Rainbow

For her first time, Cindy mounted the BB Naija stage and had a chat with Ebuka. Being the seventeenth Housemate to be Evicted from the House, Cindy had a moment to share her final words in the House to Africa.

On the stage, she finally got to tell us what really happened with the Red Box. According to her, she announced to everyone who cared to listen that she was the one who left the box under the table. Also, she addressed the ludo drama with Enkay and reassured us that this wasn’t a big issue and was only a joke between the Housemates.

“I want a lady to win, so I’m rooting for Mercy to win,” she told Ebuka.

The music enthusiast did not fail to chip in the fact that she’s into real estate. The sky is only your starting point and we can’t wait to see you soar.

1569786072 34 screenshot 2019 09 29 at 7.33.09 pm

Adios Elozonam

Elozonam became the nineteenth Housemate to leave the Pepper Dem House and this announcement from Ebuka was met with farewell hugs and chants. Clearly it was a great and notable announcement as they celebrated baby Hercules for making it as one of the Pepper Dem ten. Longer hugs from Diane and Mercy only means one thing, he’ll surely be missed by his resident family.

Like the Pepper Dem Gang are fond of saying, “Big Brother Naija sweet but na Eviction spoil am”. So it was tonight as Ike and Elozonam bade their goodbyes to the House and to their lovers.

“We’re friends and that’s what it is for now,” Elozonam confessed about what’s going on between him and Diane. He also told Ebuka that his high moments in the House were all the times he won titles and money prizes in the game.

We wish him success as he continues to succeed in his career path.

1569786102 34 screenshot 2019 09 29 at 7.51.37 pm

Watch Elozonam’s Pepper Dem race

Ciao Ike

With the Pepper Dem brothers being the last men standing on the Nomination block, one could feel the tension in the air. There’s no Ike without Mike and in a matter of seconds, we’ll experience an Ike without Mike.

After the long minute of silence, Ike was the twentieth Housemate to leave the Big Brother Naija House. As expected, his exit was followed with a mix of hugs and tears from Mercy, definitely not the birthday gift she was expecting. There’s no doubt that the resident gangsta and Igwe Tupac will be greatly missed by all.

“I’m so excited to see some money coming soon,” he told Ebuka as he climbed the stage. Ike also revealed that he noticed Mercy the moment he came into the House but he always had a feeling that he would be with her. “KimOprah was my girl, Tacha was really cool but Mercy was my number one; I can say I love her.” We’ll be on the lookout for these two.

On the question of Coins, he simply told Ebuka that Coins can be lost and found and in his defence, “I’m a Coin finder, not a thief”. Trust Ike to give us some smooth lover boy vibes and he did when he told Ebuka that sacrificing his Coins for Mercy’s Immunity was worth it.

He’s ready to go into business and of course, he wants his baby to win.

1569786173 34 screenshot 2019 09 29 at 8.20.51 pm

Watch Ike’s sizzling journey here

With six Housemates left in the Pepper Dem race, we reckon the final week will be the tightest week this Season. The game is still on in the journey to the Pepper Dem crown, so strap up for the next Ultimate VPH twist.

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