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Indomie treats the Pepper Dem Housemates to a Fun Task Day with Don Jazzy



It’s a no brainer that Indomie noodles, one of Nigeria’s favourite household names are the most frequently consumed food amongst the BBNaija #Pepperdem housemates.

And so when Indomie Nigeria featured in this season of Big Brother Naija on September 7th, 2019, we knew without a doubt that it would be a delicious treat for the #pepperdem housemates as well as we the fans.

Indomie’s feature mainly revolved around two arena games; a jigsaw puzzle and cooking competition, which were spearheaded by the well-DON Indomie taskmaster- Don Jazzy.

Prior to the day, viewers and the housemates’ fans were asked to create a personalized ingredient basket.

These ingredients were then compiled in personalized #MyIndomieMyBBNBasket to the delight of our pepper dem housemates.

Our well-DON Indomie taskmaster visited the big brother house in grand style, baring surprise baskets that the housemates needed to complete their task.

To put all the pieces of the day together, the Indomie in BBN task was in three stages; first, they were given boxes filled with a jigsaw puzzle. They had to pick an Indomie-variant-themed jigsaw puzzle pack and arrange the puzzle pieces on a board with a countdown timer.

Upon completing the Jigsaw puzzle challenge, they were given number cards which would determine how they took turns at the kitchen for their next task.

Next, they were given their personalized #MyIndomieMyBBNBaskets to prepare a delicious bowl of Indomie in their style, using only the contents of their baskets.

The last step of the task was to present their meal at the arena to the Don Jazzy, the Indomie taskmaster in their personal style, whether by singing, rapping, dancing, acting etc. for the ultimate prize!!!

It’s safe to say that the My Indomie My BBN Task was very unique and personal to each housemate.

After what happened to be a fast-paced rally, our housemates- Khafi, Ike, Venita, Frodd, Seyi, Mike, Elozonam, Cindy, Diane, Tacha, Omashola, Mercy presented delicious meals which were properly delivered with astonishing presentations.

After the entertaining performances and presentations from all the housemates, the Indomie decided that all the housemates were winners!!!!!

Because everyone is unique and so their styles of cooking Indomie noodles would be impossible to judge as better than another. Thus the Indomie decided to award the prize to all the housemates to share amongst themselves because they all did amazing jobs presenting their Indomie noodles in their style. This left a shocked, happy, exasperated reaction from each of our grateful pepper dem housemates.

Now that Indomie has visited the pepper dem housemates with an amazing treat, they aren’t finished because their surprise train might just be coming to your corner!!! There is over three hundred thousand Naira (N300,000) cash prize to be won by viewers and subscribers. To Participate in the competition click HERE.
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