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Enyo rewards Loyal Customers with its ‘EnyoThankU’ Programme



Customers are the pivot around which businesses revolve and no business can exist without them. What then makes a customer loyal to a brand? It’s simple!

Customers like to deal with companies that put them at the centre of everything by including customers in the missions statement; “what a company portrays is that it primarily thinks of its customers and everyone in the company” and this is geared towards ensuring the fulfilment of customer needs.

This is why Enyo, leading fuel retailing company in Nigeria whose mission is to “integrate first level customer service experience with fuel retailing and renewable energy products in Africa” upgraded its customer loyalty programme, EnyoThankU.

EnyoThankU is the first of its kind “loyalty and rewards scheme” designed to appreciate loyal customers by rewarding them for their continuous patronage.

In the previous scheme, customers were rewarded with N100 worth of petrol for every 30litres at selected Enyo stations.

With the upgrade of EnyoThankU scheme, customers can now earn points on the purchase of ALL Enyo Retail products and services. Amazing right? This means that on purchase of Enyo’s petrol, diesel, kerosene, lubricants, SL Gas and Vehicon (car service and maintenance), you earn points and get rewarded.

This will ultimately give you access to gift items during Enyo promotions and marketing campaigns using accumulated points.

These points can be redeemed at all Enyo service stations and also at over 200 merchants across the country including participating bars, cinemas, restaurants and shops as they are denominated in Naira.

EnyoThankU is also available on the ThankUCash mobile app which allows customers see details of their fuel purchases, vendors where their points can be redeemed, total amounts earned and services which can be paid for by using their points.

Enyo Retail and Supply is the first to roll out a comprehensive customer loyalty programme in the fuel retailing industry and therefore proven itself to be a technology-focused, innovative and customer-focused company.

For more information, all you have to do is to drive into an Enyo service station and an attendant will tell all you need to know.


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