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Ex Cop Who Killed Neighbour in his Apartment found Guilty of Murder



A jury has found ex-Dallas police officer Amber Guyger guilty of murder in the death of Botham Jean, her 26-year-old neighbor. Guyger fatally shot Botham in his own apartment last year, which she claims she mistook for hers.

The off-duty police officer in Dallas said she came home from work one night last year, and believing she had found an intruder inside her apartment, shot the man inside.

But it quickly became clear that the officer, who is white, was in the wrong apartment.

Jean was an accountant who was watching television and eating ice cream in the apartment he rented directly above Guyger’s.

The former Dallas police officer now faces 5 to 99 years in prison. Applause could be heard from the audience and Jean’s family could be seen in tears after the verdict was announced.

Watch the final verdict below:

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