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#LetsGoSmooth: Here’s All You Missed At the Launch of Guinness Smooth In Abuja



Last weekend will remain an unforgettable experience for lovers of great beer who attended Guinness Nigeria’s launch of Guinness Smooth in Abuja. The event was as smooth and memorable an experience as the extraordinary new beer from the stables of Guinness, the master beer brewers.

Guinness Smooth, a new and refreshing stout, was launched to great fanfare and high energy, at a brand immersion event that had the Guinness Nigeria brewer, Osemeke Oshiegbu, unlock the beer’s distinctively smooth and refreshing taste.

Perfect to enjoy when hanging out with friends, Guinness Smooth is the latest addition to the Guinness portfolio of great beers. Its smooth refreshing taste is the perfect partner for spicy foods, while its distinctive and characterful flavor ensures that Guinness Smooth is never overshadowed by spicy foods.

Coming from the stable with a long tradition for truly extraordinary beers, Guinness Smooth was always destined for greatness. The hugely successful launch, therefore, continues Guinness Nigeria’s renown for creating flavourful beers that consumers love, enjoy and appreciate as perfect accompaniment for the diverse occasions that life presents.

Guinness Smooth is not to be sold to individuals younger than 18.

See photos from the launch below:

Big Mo. Guest, Eddie Madaki




Chavala Yaduma


Chef Lynda


MC Lordell


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