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Here’s a Sneak Peak of What The Housemates do when No One is Watching on #BBNaija Day 95



Wait, Is Anyone Looking?

Whether the hidden habit is shockingly spooky or strangely human, it’s no doubt that the Pepper Dem top five finalists may have missed their career calling.

When they are not being peppery, eating or sleeping, the Pepper Dem Gang spend their time doing the silliest things. Here’s what we found out…

The Twerking Urge

From her first week in the Pepper Dem House, Mercy hasn’t failed to show Biggie’s cameras why they call her the resident Cardi B. Asides giving us twerking lessons every Saturday Night, Mercy also had twerking sessions with the mirror when she thought no one was looking.

Well, with Biggie, nothing is hidden, including her hidden twerking times and we caught some of these moments.

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The Prayer Warrior (Or Not?)

For Omashola, one thing he claims to do when no one is looking is praying. With the Season getting tougher every week, prayer is the order of the day in the Pepper Dem House.

However, we seem to find it hard recollecting all the times we caught our Warri brother praying. If he says he prays when no one is looking, then we have our answer. Right?

1570028553 34 omashola yess

A Life Of Serenity

Seyi spends his time meditating and reflecting when no one is watching. Could this be the secret behind his hat rick reign as the Head of House in the Pepper Dem House? We can guess that sucre papito’s serenity elements include eating eba and egusi soup every morning, snoring, while of course, plotting his next HoH win in the House.

1570028686 34 seyi


For someone who has no access to his phone, we wonder what else the Cruisetopia president does when no one is watching.

Let’s see… Grilling fish? Dancing? Or teasing Frodd? Lol ?

1570029254 34 mike calling mc oluomo 3

Mischief Or Just Causing Trouble?

Frodd swears that causing mischief is his favourite thing to do when he’s got no eyes on him. We can all agree to this, following his squabbles with Mike, Omashola, Seyi, Elozonam, Cindy, Venita… Oh the list is endless, need we say much? With this, we can’t argue if he claims he lives to cause trouble.

1570031061 34 video to gif 2019 10 02t163904.643

With just a few more days to the finale, why don’t we spend some time learning some secret habits about your favourite Housemates? In the meantime, have you Voted for your winner?

Permission To Chill

All work and no play… you know the rest.

“The storeroom is now open.”

When the Pepper Dem Gang went to peep what it held, they found green bottles of liquid gold and that was how the journey to chilling began. Do you blame them? After a long day dealing with the DStv challenge, even Biggie knew they had to unwind and he provided them with the resources to do just that.

1570058210 34 screenshot 2019 10 02 at 10.09.05 pm

The Shoe Story

Frodd wanted to leave his white converse behind in Biggie’s House but he had a change of heart. This change was because Omashola told him that there is a story behind that red canvass he wears every time he is up for possible Eviction and so he can’t let it go. Frodd looking at his shoes also agreed that they held some memories for him too.  For those begging Omashola to keep those shoes behind, sorry fam, Omashola and that converse are in the same WhatsApp group.

1570058252 34 my post 2

Who Threw The Ice?

Like a younger sibling up to no good, Mercy was caught when she threw an ice cube on Mike.

Finding a secure spot (or so she thought) Mercy took a cup of beer, removed the ice cube in it and flung it at a sleeping Mike. This prank by Mercy woke Mike up and he went on a hunt for the person that threw the ice at him. He was in luck as he returned from the garden and found Mercy crouching beside his bed. Mike retaliated by pulling off Mercy’s wig and attempted to throw it into the Jacuzzi. If not for the respect he had for Ike, Mercy’s wig will have gone for a dive and that will have been nasty.

The Two Man Party

“If I don’t give it to you b**ches, how will you take it?” Mercy.

1570058317 34 screenshot 2019 10 02 at 10.53.15 pm

Mercy was in the mood to dish out some Pepper and she did just that with Omashola. The two Housemates who were absolutely overjoyed to be in the top five decided to have their private party and with music banging in the House, it wasn’t hard. Well, it’s not easy being the last girl standing so, if she wants to dance the week away, the floor is hers.

A time to work, and a time to play. Last night was the former and the Housemates grabbed the opportunity with both hands and legs.

The Top Five Finalists: What Has Changed?

Has anything changed about the Pepper Dem top five finalists? Check it out.

The Big Brother Naija Pepper Dem top five finalists have come a long way in the Game. As we count down to the finale, let’s take a sneak peek into the different transformations of each of them.


Fresh and odd, Frodd came into Biggie’s House determined and openminded. In a way, he found a friend (or was it more than just a friend?) in Esther. Thanks to her playing hard to get, we wouldn’t have known he was such an emotional soul. But the Frodd we know now has moved on. More focused on the Game, we are sure he can’t wait for the finale already.

1570116561 34 screenshot 2019 10 03 at 4.20.06 pm


From day one, Mercy has shown us her many sides. From her friendship with Ike to serving it hot to any Housemate who dared to cross her path, she has come a long way in Biggie’s House. We know she has remained focused and determined since coming into the House. But it’s a different atmosphere in the House now as one of the top five finalists. You might have thought she couldn’t do with Ike and Diane, but she has proven otherwise, forging head as the only woman standing.

1570116620 34 screenshot 2019 10 03 at 4.20.32 pm


Always lively and outgoing, Mike is always on the cruise in the House. His outstanding relationship with other Housemates remains intact. The Mike we know at the beginning of the show is still the same person. Top five finalists or not, we see a man who has not wavered in his resolve to keep on entertaining us as he has much fun in the House.


If you are asked what reminds you of Omashola at the end of the show, we are sure to hear his mantra, “Warri…street.!” Yes, the Warri boy is such a whole mood in the Pepper Dem House. As one of the top five finalists, we have seen the tremendous improvement he has recorded with his skills. Though we can’t really note all that has changed about him, he has surely leant to control his emotions when necessary. His altercation with Tacha, Mike and other Housemates notwithstanding, Omashola remains a lively guy who never ceases to entertain us.

1570116589 34 screenshot 2019 10 03 at 4.20.23 pm


Classy, brilliant and bold, Seyi’s beautiful voice is enough to win a lady’s heart effortlessly. But there is more to the resident Sugar Daddy’s portfolio since stepping legs into the House. He has grown into a multitalented man thrilling us with his oratorical skills. Besides winning Tasks and wearing the HoH badge several times, Sucre Papito (as he is fondly called) never slacks to impress us with his strategy. And if anything has changed about him, it is that he remains more resilient and focused than before.

1570116652 34 screenshot 2019 10 03 at 4.20.39 pm

No doubt about it, the Pepper Dem top five finalists have proven their resourcefulness for making it this far. Is it even possible to have gone this far in the Game and remain who they were before they came in? You be the judge. As we look forward to the finale, we hope they shine brighter than they did prior to the Show.

For Better Healthcare

The Pepper Dem Housemates gave us impressive presentations tonight and we looked forward to more.

The ONE organization’s Task had the Pepper Dem Gang inform us about improving the healthcare system in Nigeria. With great prizes at stake, each of them gave the presentation their best shot.

Biggie’s Twist

The Pepper Dem Housemates have forgotten they were guests in Biggie’s House. Forgetting that Big brother sees and hears everything, Frodd made a smart move on his fellow Housemates saying he was not going to present first.

As the real pepper himself, Biggie turned the table the moment they made it into the Arena where the judges were already seated. Thinking that they would present right in front of the other housemates, Frodd couldn’t hide his disappointment when Biggie announced that the presentation had to be made individually and in alphabetical order. So from the room, each Housemate came into the Arena one by one to present.

1570142497 34 screenshot 2019 10 03 at 9.19.19 pm

An Enchanting Presentation

One after another, the Housemates made their way to the podium. Frodd was the first to go and unlike in the Arena Games where the first presentation was almost always bad luck, he was able to impress us. Mercy, Mike, Omashola and Seyi also gave their shots. In just two minutes, we were enlightened about the sorry states of the healthcare system in Nigeria and their solutions. It was interesting to note the tremendous efforts ONE is making to ensure standard heathcare delivery in the country.

1570142603 34 screenshot 2019 10 03 at 9.22.22 pm

The Judgement

From the expressions, we could tell that the judges were impressed by the presentations. But that didn’t stop them from still pointing them in the right directions as regard their pronunciation, eye contact and acknowledgement. Hey, did we mention Omashola’s dramatic mispronunciation of ‘HUWE’? Remember he had struggled with it earlier during his rehearsal with Seyi. But all in all, it was an interesting presentation.

1570142667 34 screenshot 2019 10 03 at 9.32.40 pm

We know Biggie is full of surprises, so when the judges said that the winner will be declared later this week, we felt, well, it is what it is. Whoever is declared the winner must have done a great job indeed. So best of luck to the winner.

Source: Twitter – @sweetmavis, @holudaray, @BongieMandlana

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