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Watch How 5 Teams portray ‘New Yam Festival’ on Another Episode of ‘The People’s Hero’ Reality Show



The auditions of The People’s Hero rounded up with 20 contestants making it to the Live Show.

Shared into teams: Team Agwu, Team Obidike, Team Obinwane, Team Ichekwu, and Team Ofuobi, the contestants are tasked with different missions for the coming week. The good thing is they are in great hands; Segun Adefila is their coach. He prepares, assists and harnesses the contestants’ individual talent for a productive collaboration.

Guest Judge Mannie judges the first task alongside resident judges: Ill bliss, and Rachael Okonkwo. Hosted by Nedu, the contestants deliver different renditions of “EGWU ONWA/MOONLIGHT TALES”, about the four market days in Igboland

This Saturday, Watch out for another fantastic episode of The People’s Hero as the five teams compete against each other to depict the traditional New Yam Festival. The most important and glamorous festival in Igboland. Which group will win the hearts of the judges?

Find out more about this exciting show this Saturday, November 23rd at 9pm on MTV Base. Proudly brought to you by Hero Lager


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