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Nigerians are saying #NoToSocialMediaBill with Texts, Mails & Calls to their Senators



The “Protection from Internet Falsehood and Manipulation Bill 2019,” otherwise known as the Social Media Bill is getting intense backlash from Nigerians.

The bill, which has passed a second reading in the senate, seeks to prohibit statements on social media that, among other things, can “influence the outcome of an election” or “diminish public confidence … of any power by the government.”

This basically means that we’ll hardly be able to tweet about elections at all (campaigns are definitely out of it) and criticise the government on social media.

There’s also the Hate Speech Bill being currently debated, and the senators seem to be in favour of that, too. The parameters of what will be defined as hate speech is unclear.

So what are Nigerians doing?

They are demanding from their representatives, the senators, that the social media bill is not representative of their wishes. They say they don’t want it. They’re sending mails and texts and making calls. They say do not support the bill.

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